About Corporate Transportation: St. Louis Car Service

Exceptional St. Louis Chauffeured Transportation

Reliability, luxury, and service. Those three core values define how we do business at Corporate Transportation. We believe that a business is defined by how they treat their clients, and we’ve worked hard to build a reputation for providing the best St. Louis chauffeured transportation, without exception. We know that when our clients book St. Louis car service, they expect a luxury vehicle that’s going to be on time, and to be treated like a VIP. We deliver on that promise by offering a guarantee that you’ll never experience anything less as a client of Corporate Transportation.

How this St. Louis Chauffeured Transportation Company Began

Before our founders were St. Louis car service entrepreneurs, they worked in business and industry. During Joe and Martin’s time as Managers and Directors at major companies, they discovered that not all ground transportation companies were created equal. Some providers were always on time, fielded perfectly clean cars, and treated their customers like Kings and Queens. Others weren’t quite so reliable, and didn’t provide the same level of client service.

When you book St. Louis car service, you have a right to expect the best – a luxury vehicle, professional Chauffeurs and exceptional customer service staff, and a safe and punctual journey. Corporate Transportation philosophy is based on our Senior Management’s understanding of what it’s like to be a passenger of a St. Louis chauffeured transportation company. We know how important our customer’s time and image is, so we’ve built our business based on a desire to exceed expectations, every time.

Our Chauffeured Transportation Training Program

We carefully pick each of our Chauffeurs from an applicant pool based on their driving record, customer service experience, and desire to exceed expectations. Our applicants are carefully screened to ensure they have a clean criminal record before a formal employment offer is extended. Once Chauffeurs join our team, we conduct extensive, ongoing trainings on defensive driving techniques, customer service, client confidentiality, and safety.

Corporate Transportation believes that a business is only as good as it’s people. A St. Louis car service that field’s luxury vehicles, but doesn’t have staff trained to safely operate these cars and respond to client requests won’t be able to provide a truly exceptional experience. Our people are at the core of our ability to serve our clients, so we invest in shaping great applicants into excellent Chauffeurs. When you call Corporate Transportation, you can trust that you’ll be greeted by a highly-trained, polite and respectful customer service professional.

Our St. Louis Chauffeured Transportation Fleet

Corporate Transportation has the most extensive fleet of late-model, luxury vehicles in St. Louis and worldwide. We’re able to provide limousine service, sedans, SUVs, party buses, executive van service, and more to our clients. We understand that safety is of the utmost importance, which is why we’ve invested in an on-site mechanic to perform regularly-scheduled maintenance on each of our vehicles. Before each trip, our vehicles are put through an extensive inspection to ensure the car is perfectly clean, and there are no signs of wear and tear on the car that could compromise client safety.

The Corporate Transportation Promise

Our business operates around the most simple and basic principle: treat others how you’d like to be treated. We know that our clients expect a squeaky-clean luxury vehicle, a professionally-attired and polite chauffeur, and to be treated like a VIP during their time as Corporate Transportation customer. We’re committed to not only fulfilling these promises, we guarantee that your expectations will be met.

The secret to our success as a leading provider of St. Louis chauffeured transportation isn’t especially complicated – it’s based on treating our clients exceptionally well, and continuing to serve our clients a little better each day. We value our client’s business, and show our appreciation by providing best-of-class reliability, luxury, and service.