Tips for a Memorable Corporate Fun-Day

fun day

Perhaps you are thinking about rewarding your employees for all their hard work with an exciting day out with their families. Or you simply want to boost your team’s cohesiveness with a fun-filled day outside the office. Either way, you have a lot to think about if this is going to be an enjoyable and memorable event. Usually, corporate events mean that you all get to grab a couple of…

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Best 5 St. Louis local tours


Once you are in the city of St. Louis and heading to your different tours in the comfort and style provided by Corporate Transportation’s limo service, it will become clear to you. St. Louis is a renowned tourist destination, and you made the right choice for the company and the city for several reasons. The main things that bring people to the city for luxury ride tours are the cultural…

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5 Reasons to Rent a Party Bus

party bus

Party buses have become the latest trend in luxury transportation. They are edgily stylish and very affordable. They are not only ideal for youngsters and students going to prom but also suitable for formal parties and wedding transportation. At our St. Louis car service, you can be sure to get a perfect party bus that suits your needs. Our services have become very popular and cater for the rising demand…

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Why St. Louis is perfect for business travel

business travel

The midwestern city of St. Louis is quickly becoming a popular destination for business travel. Cheaper than larger metropolitan areas like Chicago and definitely less hectic than trying to get around in New York City, St. Louis is an affordable and enjoyable option for your next business trip. Here are just a few reasons why St. Louis (or as it’s affectionately known by the locals, “St. Louie”) is the best…

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Finding the right limo service

limo service

Limo rental services have become increasingly popular to cater to the rising demand for affordable luxury transportation. Even with all the choices at your disposal, though, keep in mind that limo services are not created the same. When it is necessary to hire a limo in St. Louis, it should take more than an impressive fleet to sway your decision. Our options for limousine service in St Louis are good…

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Work Smarter, Not Harder: 6 Time Management Tips to Boost Productivity

time management

It’s all about the hustle, right? The idea that we must work hard and work all the time actually isn’t as effective as you might think. To maximize your productivity and overall success, you should work smarter, not harder. Here are 6 time management tips to help you boost your productivity in a smart way. Don’t check email so often! Email is one of the biggest time sucks and productivity…

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Why you should visit St Louis this Summer

st louis

There are many wonderful reasons to visit Saint Louis this summer. The weather is perfect to enjoy many outdoor activities with daytime highs usually staying below 90 degrees. If you are planning a trip to the Gateway to the West this summer, then consider hiring our limousine service in St Louis. Our carefully selected chauffeurs help you get around this city of 317,000 people easily. Enjoy the luxury of riding…

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4th of July events in St Louis 2017

4th of july

St Louis has a lot to offer this Independence Day; are you looking for a wild night? A magical getaway? A family style barbecue? Come see all our attractions, take a tour, and have some fun. With more choices available than can possibly be listed, you will want a knowledgeable guide and chauffeur – which our limousine service St Louis can provide. Fair St. Louis has a lot to offer…

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The 6 Most Popular Restaurants in St. Louis


When a person, family or romantic couple visits a city for the first time, the experience is made much sweeter with a guide and a luxurious ride. This is precisely what you will get and a whole lot more if you book a limousine service in St Louis, Missouri through Corporate Transportation. St. Louis is known for many things, such as the world-famous and historical landmark, the Arch, the St….

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