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10 FUN things you and the family can do while in quarantine

Posted on: March 30th, 2020 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

10 fun things

Are you running out of ideas of what to do while we are all in quarantine? Since we can’t visit our favorite restaurants and bars, the museums are closed and our other favorite places have been shut down in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus.

What can we do in this beautiful St. Louis Spring weather?

We put together a list of 10 FUN things you and the family can do while in quarantine.

1. Two words: Coronavirus beard! Grow it, moisturize it, comb it, love it.

2.  Learn the words to “Tung Twista.” Get them so ingrained in your brain that you can rap them as fast as Twista can. Impress everyone. 

3. Been meaning to get some new glasses? Try on new frames virtually on sites like

4. Attempt things with your non-dominant hand, from writing to brushing your teeth. Prepare to be frustrated.

5. How many words per minute can you type? See if you can get speedier by taking a typing course.

6. Prepare to verbally duel a bully who wants to discuss the evolution of the market economy in the Southern colonies, by memorizing Matt Damon’s “Good Will Hunting” speech

7. Learn origami. Make cranes for your loved ones.

8. Stretch. Work on your flexibility. It’s possible to get the splits back, right?

9. Try to speak in pig Latin. Or, “ig-pay, atin-Lay.”

10. Talk to your plants. How are they doing? Make sure they are getting the amount of sunlight they should be. Check their soil. Water if necessary.

We hope this list helps and share your pictures with us on Facebook @CorporateTransportation

We look forward to be driving you again soon!

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