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3 Fantastic Tips for Throwing a Great Company Party

Posted on: December 21st, 2018 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

3 Fantastic Tips for Throwing a Great Company Party

The year is finally coming to a close and there are a million reasons to throw a company party. Company parties generally build morale, encourage stronger ties between employees, and bring a refreshing ambiance to the workplace. It gives your employees something to look forward to apart from the usual work routine and it conveys a message of gratitude for all their hard work over the past twelve months. You may be planning your own end-year party and, as such, the specialists at our St. Louis limo rental have decided to lend you a helping hand and compile a list of some helpful tips to make your party as memorable as can be.

First, we recommend employing the services of our St. Louis car service for the ground transportation needs of your employees and their families. This will not only be a special treat, but it will go a long way in ensuring that everyone gets to the party on time, and that everyone gets home safe after the party, even if they spent too much time at the open bar. Our professionally trained and hospitable chauffeurs will pick your employees at their residence and will be waiting to transfer them in a safe, speedy manner when the party finally winds down. Here are a few more tips on how best to plan an end-year company party.


The most essential thing to note when it comes to planning any event is that mistakes are bound to happen and it is likely that there will be a few quirks here and there on the day of the event. You will face obstacles and unexpected circumstances will come up; not everything goes exactly as visualized. All you need to do here is keep your cool and try to be as adaptive as possible, solving each problem as it comes. Take every arising issue as a challenge rather than a hindrance and you will breeze through any problems you may encounter.

Choose an Organizing Team

Choose an organizing committee from amongst your employees. We know you have the vision, but like your organization, you cannot effectively go it alone, you need a team. Dissect the event into several portions and delegate each aspect to a member of the committee based on their personal strengths. Note, however, it is not the size of the team that matters, but their dedication to the cause. So ensure that every member of the committee is on bard to making the party an absolute success.

Gift Exchange

A lot of companies make it their policy to have employees exchange gifts on the holidays. Ensure that there is a financial cap on the gifts people are allowed to exchange to avoid making the practice a competition. Perhaps, a cap of $10 is reasonable because, then, no one feels pressured and the gifts are bound to be quite kooky, which will add to the fun and excitement of the exchange.

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