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4 Of The Best Accessories For The Businesswoman On The Go

Posted on: May 20th, 2015 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

st louis limo, limo service st louisIt can be difficult for businesswomen to travel — after all, you need to look fantastic even if you may very well be exhausted. Luckily, there are some accessories available to increase your comfort and keep your appearance looking polished.

1. Foldable Flat Shoes.
Foldable, flat shoes slip into a small pouch. They are extremely comfortable and perfect for long journeys. But even better, they compress into a small space so that you can slip them into your purse or your luggage once you arrive at your destination. You can then switch into a different, more professional pair of shoes as needed. (Additional tip: these shoes are also great for a night out on the town!)

2. Makeup Wipes.
When you travel, you can’t always get a moment to properly shower or wash your face — but you still want to look refreshed when you reach your destination. A pack of makeup wipes is the perfect solution. Once you arrive, simply go to the bathroom, wipe and apply your makeup as normal. Face cleaning cloths are even useful for men and for those who do not wear makeup because they quickly give you a refreshed appearance.

3. Bag Bungee.
There are many brands of bungee available. Bag bungees let you secure a smaller bag to a larger bag, to ensure that you are able to quickly move. They are usually used to place a small duffel or large purse on top of a rolling bag. They are easy to secure and will also allow you to carry more weight than you might usually be able to carry.

4. Hip Bags.
The trendier alternative to a fanny pack, a hip bag slings your purse across the side of your hip. Hip bags are useful because they are easier to carry with you — you don’t need to pay attention to where your bag is swinging. While traveling, you can keep your essentials close to you: your ID, passport, boarding passes and other important items. This is important because a significant amount of women’s clothes don’t have pockets!
Of course, in addition to the above, most women would be wise to keep a little “emergency kit” which contains the essentials: feminine hygiene items, a sewing kit and hair ties.

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