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5 Tips for a Hassle-Free Experience at the Airport

Posted on: February 28th, 2017 by Corporate Transportation No Comments


The airport is both exciting and miserable if your experience isn’t perfect. Providing St. Louis ground transportation to passengers coming out of the airport for so many years means our chauffeurs have an opportunity to get to know our clients. We hear their stories, and we understand how much of a hassle the airport can be for some travelers. We listen to our clients, and we file away the tips and tricks we learn from each one so we’re able to pass them on to future clients. If you want to make sure your airport experience is hassle-free, it’s time to learn how to make that happen.


Pick Your Seat

Nothing is more frustrating than boarding a plane, walking all the way to the back, fighting for overhead space, and waiting forever to get off the plane. You get served last, you’re in the noisiest area of the plane, and it’s just no fun. Make sure you take the time to choose your seats before you book your ticket or before you check in. You’ll be surprised just how simple it is to choose a much better seat when it’s your turn to travel.


Check-in Online

You needn’t go to the airline check-in desk when you arrive. You can check your luggage at the curb, or at least head to the designated line for that. Visiting the counter isn’t something you need to do, and you shouldn’t. Check-in for your flight online up to 24 hours in advance, pay for any luggage you want to check or carry-on, and print or download your boarding pass there. It’s much easier.


Carry Your Essentials

You’ll need your boarding pass and photo identification with you more than once through the security checkpoint and even check-in if you didn’t do it online. This means you want to keep these things where you can easily access them rather than digging around in your bag for them each time you need them. Organize all your items so you can get to them easily, and this also helps you when it’s time to empty pockets and other belongings at security.


Grab Water

It’s not allowed past security, and you need it. You’ll need it to stay hydrated, since becoming dehydrated it so much easier when you’re at a high altitude. You’ll want to have water on you during your flight. You’d be surprised how cranky and ill you’ll feel if you get to the point of becoming dehydrated, so now is the time to get your act together and buy some water for your flight.


Book a Limo

There’s nothing like landing and wondering what you’ll do about transportation. Our limousine service in St. Louis is perfect for this problem. Our luxury vehicles and pro chauffeurs are waiting for you when you grab your luggage, so you’re not forced to find a rental car or some other method of transportation. It’s easy, simple, and makes travel that much more enjoyable.

Don’t let travel become a hassle for you. Follow these tips and enjoy your trip.


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