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5 Tips for planning your next business meeting

Posted on: August 30th, 2016 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

business meeting

A business meeting can be stressful, particularly for those who fail to plan ahead of time. Fortunately, we’re here to help you minimize the stress of a business meeting and prepare accordingly. Here are five tips that you can use to plan for your next business meeting and ensure that this gathering proves to be an instant success:

Focus on the meeting’s purpose

Why are you and your peers meeting in the first place? Understand the purpose of your meeting so you can develop an appropriate agenda.

A meeting agenda should feature a brief introduction, various discussion topics and a conclusion that gives attendees a final opportunity to ask questions. This agenda can serve as a guide for your meeting and may help you maximize the value of your gathering as well.

Choose the Right Attendees

You’ll want to ensure that you invite the right people to your meeting; otherwise, you risk wasting your time as well as others’.

Find key decision-makers who understand the main topics to be discussed during a meeting and invite them to the session. Also, be conscious of other people’s time and invite only those who need to be there.

Assign Roles for the meeting

Harvard Business Review points out assigning roles to meeting participants may help foster focus and engagement. As such, each attendee should serve a specific role, one that enables him or her to provide support throughout a gathering.

Some of the most common roles for meeting attendees include:

Facilitator – This individual will raise discussion topics and ensure all sides of an issue are addressed.

Timekeeper – This person will focus on sticking to discussion topics at hand and keeping participants on track with the meeting’s agenda.

Expert – This individual will be able to provide tips and guidance relative to a particular portion of a meeting.

Assigning meeting roles is important and may help participants provide valuable contributions throughout a session.

Determine the best meeting spot

Try to find a distraction-free setting to host a meeting. By doing so, you’ll be better equipped to help all participants remain focused on the meeting’s discussion topics.

An ideal meeting spot should provide a quiet, peaceful setting and ample room for all attendees to sit comfortably. Furthermore, you may want to consider whether your meeting spot offers access to audio and video equipment that can be used to display charts and graphs or enables remote attendees to participate via video conference.

Prepare Yourself and Attendees

Practice makes perfect, and those who plan to deliver a presentation during an upcoming meeting should plan accordingly. Creating high-quality visuals and reviewing facts and figures related to these visuals may help you deliver the best presentation possible.

In addition, provide attendees with any materials they will need to review at least a few days prior to a meeting, as this will enable participants to get ready for the session.

Book Ground Transportation to any upcoming meeting with St. Louis Car Service for Business Meetings – Your Corporate Transportation Resource

Image and presentation are everything in business. Reliability, a professional appearance, and timeliness are crucial to making the right impression on stakeholders, colleagues, and clients. Corporate Transportation limo service of St. Louis understands the importance of timeliness for business meetings, which is why we offer a guarantee that your service will be prompt and professional. We offer a diverse fleet of luxury vehicles, highly-trained Chauffeurs, and a commitment to excellent service.

Some of the most frequent requests Corporate Transportation receives for chauffeured transportation for business meetings include:

  • Individual Transportation to Business Meetings
  • Airport Transfers and Transportation
  • Group Transportation and Logistics Planning
  • Louis tours for Visiting Associates and Stakeholders
  • Hourly or Point-to-Point Car Service for Business Travelers
  • Chauffeured Individual and Group Transportation for Conferences
  • Trade Shows

Corporate Transportation is the resource you can trust for worldwide and St. Louis car service for business meetings. We understand your need for punctuality and a professional image, and we can provide the attention to detail you require for your engagement.

Benefits of St. Louis Transportation Service for Meetings

Whether you’re a St. Louis native or a visitor to the Gateway city, St. Louis car service can make your meeting planning process much simpler. Once you’ve made your reservation, you don’t need to worry about planning a route, traffic patterns, road closures, or finding a parking space upon arrival. Our team of expert dispatchers and Chauffeurs will carefully arrange your chauffeured transportation service, and transport you to your destination on time.

Corporate Transportation understands that preparation is key, and one of the primary benefits of St. Louis chauffeured transportation service for business meetings is the fact you own the time you spend as a passenger. Instead of having to focus on the road, you’re free to spend your time as a passenger focused on your presentation or meeting materials, so you’ll arrive relaxed and fully-prepared. With the benefit of door-to-door service, you’ll save time without the need to find a parking spot.


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