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5 Useful Tips to Help Your Out of Town Wedding Guests Feel Welcomed

Posted on: February 5th, 2019 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

Tips to Help Your Out of Town Wedding Guests Feel Welcomed

Although there are obviously many things to consider and plan for your upcoming event, the guest list is something you’ll definitely want to determine as early on as possible. Friends and relatives attending your happy occasion might even have to book flights and travel over state lines, so the least you can do is make them feel welcome when they arrive. Here are some tips for you to make your guests feel right at home:

Always Remember to Include Important Details

You really can’t skimp on giving out enough details to your guests, and it can be done in a wedding itinerary. With this, you can easily inform your guests on key times, what to wear, who to look for, types of activities, and so on. These days, more and more people are sending e-invites and posting information online, but for the sake of some guests, you can always ask them if they’ll prefer an offline version instead.

Do Your Best to Keep Them Entertained

It’s normal for you and your partner to have your hands full in the weeks and days leading up to your wedding, but your guests would most likely have nothing much to do. For those arriving earlier, you can always do your research ahead of time to provide them with a roster of interesting activities, things to eat, and places to see before the big day. If you’re up for an informal wedding welcome, you can always arrange one to catch up with them too.

Surprise them with Welcome Bags

Everyone will appreciate a thoughtful welcome gift, and it doesn’t even have to come in a bag. The extent of your gifting will depend on your available resources, but the main thing to remember here is that you want them to feel appreciated for their efforts to join your happy day. If you think fresh fruit or something homemade isn’t enough, you can always look to give them an assortment of things.

Thank Them During the Reception

Nobody is going to travel or fly hundreds (and thousands) of miles to be alright being ignored on your special day. You can definitely thank them during your wedding speech but do take the time to greet each of them personally during your reception. It’s definitely going to take up your time and energy, but it’ll be worth it to let each, and everyone knows just how much you appreciate their presence.

Organize and Arrange Their Transportation

Your guests will need a way to get around, and they’ll usually resort to renting a car for the duration of their stay. However, that doesn’t have to be the only option on hand for them. Our St. Louis ground transportation service has seen its fair share of special occasions, and we’re more than well-equipped to handle large group pickups at any time of the day. We’ll love to be your Number One option when it comes to personalized luxury transportation services, so do get in touch with us today.   

Your wedding is the most important day of your life, so let Corporate Transportation treat you to a day of luxury with our St. Louis wedding limos. Our expert will reduce the stress and will make your wedding even more fascinating by offering you the best transportation solutions for you and your wedding guests. We have the fleet, the team, and experience to take your wedding to the next level. To discover more about our experience performing seamless wedding transportation solutions on the St. Louis Area, give us a call or contact us online.

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