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5 Ways to Pull Off a Smart Casual Look

Posted on: November 14th, 2017 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

smart casual

If you’re like anyone who’s just beginning to understand the term “smart casual”, you’re probably going to be in a dilemma about every outfit combination you pull out. Where does smart end and casual begin? Unfortunately for us though, there’s no definitive guide you can refer to.

Luckily though, settling your transportation in St. Louis is going to be a lot easier. With our St. Louis limousine service, you can be assured of a safe and comfortable ride for the entire stay. You can rely on our professional chauffeur to deliver you in a timely manner while you relax in absolute comfort.

Now that that’s settled, let’s get back to figuring out just how to dress up in a smart casual manner:



Remember to Tone It Down

 You might be a fan of many colors, textures, and patterns, but that can easily go horribly wrong and turn your smart casual idea into an entirely casual one. If you’re ever unsure of what to mix and match, go for the safer route of toned-down colors and sticking to one pattern per outfit.


The Right Way to Do It

 One great tip to adhere to is to dress entirely casual or entirely formal. After you’re done, pick two items to dress up or dress down. You’ll realize just how easy it is to see your outfit transform when you eliminate or add them to your own body.


Choose a Fitted Ensemble

 Comfort doesn’t mean sloppy. Whatever you choose to complete your ensemble, do remember to get something that fits nicely. This means no oversized jackets or too-short sleeves. After all, the entire picture you want to present is still a professional one.


Remember to Groom Yourself

 You can easily look way better with a bit of grooming. If you can present a clean-cut figure, you’ll easily pull off most outfit options. This means attacking any stray whisker on your face and ensuring that your hair doesn’t have that rolled-out-of-bed look.


It’s Better to be More Formal

If you’re ever in doubt about how to dress in a smart casual manner, always fall back on a dressier option. After all, you can imagine taking off a formal jacket to tone down your look, but it’s way harder to look formal instantly.



Go with a Statement Piece

 Dark and neutral colors are all good, but you’ll need to learn how to highlight certain pieces to bring your entire outfit together. It can be your colored top, a nice pair of earrings or even a classy pair of heels.


Get the Right Balance

 It’s easy to go overly formal or casual since there’s no definite guideline to dressing in a smart casual manner. When in doubt though, always adhere to a more formal look as that will easily pull you through any occasion.


Choose Slimmer Pantsuits

 This means getting a pair of pants that’s slim-fitting and not overly tight. After all, loose-fitting clothes do tend to present a more casual image. Just remember to test them out by walking, sitting and squatting down in them for the best fit.


Consider Wearing a Scarf

 This is a great way to enhance your outfit. If you’re a fan of dark colors for your outfits, you can consider wearing a bright colored scarf to take things to the next level.


Your Shoes Matter

 For just the right touch of class, you can always depend on a sturdy pair of heels or close-toed pumps. Anything that pairs well with a formal outfit is alright, but just remember to avoid sandals and slippers.

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