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6 Professional Skills Today’s Executive Travel Manager Needs

Posted on: August 16th, 2016 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

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The travel industry has significantly improved in recent years. An undeveloped economy has made travel managers more inventive in the way they do business to be sure that they can maintain a successful enterprise in the tourism domain. Because of all the online travel sites available on the market to potential costumers, managers working in a travel agency must find ways to improve their visibility and relevance to keep their business functional in the travel world. The success of your travel company is based on eight essential skills every travel manager should possess.


The Art of Negotiation

When there are websites that offer unwanted rooms for a fraction of the cost in hotels all across the globe, a travel manager needs to possess the ability to negotiate with different businesses so that he can provide a competitive rate for their customers. Expect that you might have to negotiate rates by also making a concession that their hotel or airline will be your first recommendation when presenting a travel package to a customer. The tourism industry is very competitive, so you need to be prepared to offer your best when negotiating prices with possible future partners.


Leadership Skills

The first prerequisite for being a good leader is, of course, having a fair amount of leadership experience. Consider the fact that your employees must be able to count on you when facing any roadblocks while planning an upcoming trip for a client. You need to be able to withstand the stress caused by overbooked hotels or displeased customers so as to give a good example for your employees.


Knowledge of alternative travel

Prepare yourself to encounter different clients with different desires.  Some of your customers might be unable to fly due to flight anxiety or to certain health issues. In these circumstances, you have to provide your clients with a wide variety of travel options to meet their particular needs. Once very popular, trains are a unique way to make it to a destination while still admiring a part of the country otherwise missed when being 40,000 feet in the air. But more comfortable and stress-free can be the option of booking a professional ground transportation service that can provide City to City Car Service.


Tech Savvy

A good travel manager needs to have a certain amount of technological knowledge in this continuously changing world of online travel booking. You should get accustomed to the latest updates regarding travel industry technology so you can provide your customer with the best experience every step from booking their trip to returning home. Remember that the technological feature of the travel industry will get more and more complicated in the years to come, so you should remain on top of it now to be more prepared for the future.


Finance & Budget Knowledge

A successful manager in any industry must possess a basic knowledge regarding finance and budget. It will be easier to make a profit if you can understand the relation between the cost of operating a business versus the amount of income you can get from each vacation you book.


Language Skills

It’s very helpful to be able to sustain a conversation, but that’s not enough. Take into consideration that the United States of America are also named the melting pot for a reason: this country accommodates lots of people with different cultural backgrounds and different languages. So, it will be great for your business if you can provide to this people someone who understands their languages and better yet speaks it fluently.

In this competitive travel industry, you will ensure your success and supremacy by cultivating as many skills as possible, not only the ones specified above. Your goals must be to make your clients feel comfortable choosing you and your business to plan their trip and also, to make your employees look up to you as well. When combined, these can all lead to a more productive outcome.

Nowadays, an executive travel manager is obliged to have also a trusted partner, a corporate ground transportation company which knows that business travel is a different matter. It needs to be stress-free, productive but also enjoyable.


St. Louis Chauffeured Transportation for Executive Travel


Many of our clients consider St. Louis chauffeured transportation a necessity for business travel, not a luxury. You could say that the right car service can be the key to success on the road. Booking the top St. Louis Car Service guarantees you a reliable, luxurious and convenient service for your work traveling. If you want to be punctual, to maintain a professional image in front of your client or to experience some of the finest services, then choose this chauffeured transportation provider who struggles to provide you with the highest quality experience possible.

Business travel can be unbelievably unstable, so a delayed flight, unexpected weather conditions or other events can wreck your perfect trip before you even land. But Corporate Transportation limo service is pretty accustomed to Midwest winters and the chaos they can create to your travel schedule. Therefore, reserving our services can offer you a sense of stability. Corporate Transportation’s clientele has the guarantee that their chauffeur will always arrive on time wearing the proper uniform and be professional at all times, driving only the highest quality St. Louis limousines.

Being a passenger of Corporate Transportation’s executive sedan, limousine, SUV or van service, you’ll have the possibility to work undisturbed while you’re being driven to your destination. If your meetings or presentations happen to end earlier or later than anticipated, your chauffeur will be there, waiting on site to provide transportation. Our staff can also suggest overnight accommodations, including dining and other services you might need to enhance your executive travel to St. Louis.

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