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7 Great Tips for Keeping Your Pet Calm in the Car

Posted on: September 26th, 2017 by Corporate Transportation No Comments


Road trips can be fun, but you should keep a couple of things in mind if your pet is coming along. Here is what you can do to keep your pet calm in the car during your trip.


Get Them Used To It

You’re probably mentally prepared for your trip with your pet, but your pet is going to need a little more effort for a smooth-sailing ride. You can start off with shorter trips. If the end destination is a happy one (e.g. a park or a beach), your pet will adjust faster and learn to associate car trips with a positive outcome.


Tire Them Out

Sedatives are not recommended as your pet could wake up during the trip and be confused, disoriented and eventually stressed out. One healthy way is to bring your dog for a long walk before the trip or try to get your cat playing actively. They might still be nervous during the ride, but they’ll cause way fewer problems if they feel inclined to sleep.


Monitor Your Moods

You might not have realized this, but your pet is actually pretty sensitive to your moods. If you happen to feel stressed out or anxious, it’s a high chance that your pet will start to feel anxious as well. Do yourselves both a favor by keeping your stress to a minimum, working it out before the trip and giving your pets extra attention.


Keep Them in Place

Your lap might be a relaxing place for your pet, but you should always ensure that they’re leashed or on a harness as long as they’re in the car. This minimizes the risk of accidents and also provides a safety blanket for when you choose to open the car door or window. Anxious pets are more likely to run given a chance.


Provide the Right Conditions

Certain elements in your car can increase or decrease your pet’s stress levels. Experiment with different items and conditions to assess what might be good for your pet during the ride. Some pets prefer music, so you try that out. Even getting enough fresh air (by cracking the window down a little) could help to calm them down and alleviate car sickness.


Take a Break

Long rides can be stressful for anybody. It’s recommended to stop every two hours for at least a few minutes before continuing your journey. This gives you and your pets the opportunity to stretch your legs, have a drink and a bite to eat and take a toilet break if necessary.


Surround Them with Familiar Items

Our pets are essentially small children that need to be taken care off 24/7. To reduce stress on-the-road, it’s good to bring along their favorite toys or treats to provide some comfort and even act as a distraction when driving. Another recommended item to bring along is a piece of old clothing with your scent as this will help to calm their nerves.

Experience the comfort of our ground transportation in St. Louis and let our chauffeur deliver you and your pet in a safe and timely manner. We are always dedicated to providing the best possible experience for all our customers (and that definitely includes both you and your pet).

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