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7 Habits for More Enjoyable Corporate Travel

Posted on: January 24th, 2017 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

corporate travel

In today’s corporate world, many Americans have to travel for their work. While it has it’s natural drawbacks, traveling for work doesn’t have to feel like work. Whether you are traveling several times a week or once every few months, there are some tips you can use to ensure that you make the most out of your business trips. Here is a list of 7 habits you can adopt that will make your corporate travel more enjoyable.


  1. Travel in Comfort

When you first arrive at the airport, don’t make the mistake of trying to catch a cab or public bus into town. After hours of being cramped on a plane, the last thing you want to do is squeeze onto a crowded bus. Hop on one of our airport shuttles or book a luxurious limousine for a more comfortable and relaxing alternative.


  1. Packing Light

It may not seem like it, but trying to lug around a bulky mess of luggage can really wear you down and increase stress levels. Sometimes a lighter bag can make all the difference in how you travel. If you travel with a light carry-on bag, you get to skip the long wait at baggage claim and get on with your day.


  1. Book a Hotel with a Central Location

Even though a hotel may be cheaper on the fringes of the city, it’s worth it to book a hotel with a central location. You’ll most likely save time and money on transportation this way. Waking up in the morning is so much easier when you know you don’t have far to go and can enjoy that extra cup of coffee.


  1. Get a Room with a View

Whether you’ll be in a hotel for one night or one week, it’s important to have a room that doesn’t feel like a prison cell. Booking a room with a great view of the city can be just the thing that lifts your spirits after a long, grueling day of work.


  1. Set Aside Time to See the City

If you’re going to be traveling for business, you’ll likely be running across some very cool places. Don’t let yourself get completely swamped by work. Be sure to enjoy your surroundings. Setting aside time to explore a new place can really make those trips worthwhile.


  1. Eat at Least One Good Meal a Day

This is another seemingly small tip that has the power to turn your whole day around. If you’re only eating continental breakfasts and snacks throughout the day, your energy levels will plummet before you know it. Take care of your body and enjoy a real meal at least once a day.


  1. Stay Connected

Last, but not least, remember to stay connected with your friends and family. With so many ways to quickly contact people today, it can be easy to take your cellphone for granted even though you shouldn’t. Sometimes all it takes is a 10-minute phone call to a loved one to improve a stressful day.

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