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7 Ways to Decrease your Executive Travel Stress

Posted on: February 12th, 2014 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

Tips for Packing, St. Louis Car Service, and More

St. Louis car serviceIn today’s global economy, many executives spend much of their time in transit. This could be commuting to work from home, but also flying across the country to meet with business associates for an important meeting. Executive travel can be anything but fun, and you may find yourself more stressed out while on the road than you would in the board room. There are ways to ensure your time in the sky or in St. Louis car service is as stress-free as possible.

Preparation Makes Perfect

The best way to make sure your executive travel excursions go off without a hitch is to prepare yourself ahead of time.

1. Dress for Comfort

Unless you’re meeting a client immediately after your plane ride, dress for comfort. You’ll arrive feeling much more refreshed if you’re able to spend your time in the air resting.

2. Pack Smart

Be prepared for anything this executive travel trip can throw your way. Pack appropriately – while your Chauffeur should be happy to make stops, you’ll be far less stressed if you aren’t concerned about getting to a pharmacy.

3. Organize Your Travel Documents

Make sure you have all the travel documents you need in one easy to find location. Nothing causes stress more than to be at the airline desk ready to check in for your flight only to find out you’ve left your identification or passport at home. The majority of necessary items can be kept in a suit jacket pocket for easy access, so be sure to put them in the one you plan on wearing for the flight. You will be less likely to stress out about where they are while waiting in line, and can focus more on getting to the plane on time.

4. Get Some Rest

Executive travel can take a lot out of a person when they have to deal with crowds at the airport, delayed flights, and lost luggage. While you may not have any control over the flights themselves, you can at least prepare your mind and body for any stresses you may encounter. Get a good night’s sleep the night before you leave. Should anything go wrong, you will be better equipped to handle it.

5. Eat Up!

Airlines are notorious for their inadequate in-flight meals. If you’ve got any special dietary restrictions or preferences, plan ahead and eat before you get on the plane. You never know how long you may be sitting on the tarmac before the plane ever takes off, not to mention the time it will take to get through security and pick up your bags once you land. If you have to run straight from the plane to a meeting, your stomach will thank you if you fill it before you leave.

6. Check Out Mentally

Once you are on the plane, the best way to de-stress is by shutting off your mind. If you can afford the time away from your work, take full advantage of it. As soon as the plane is in the air, there is nothing more you can do than sit back and relax. Be sure to take a book, magazine, or book on tape to keep your mind off the stresses that will be sure to come your way once you land.

7. Reserve St. Louis Car Service

The single most-effective way to reduce your feelings of stress is to reserve St. Louis car service for your ground transportation needs. Instead of dealing with rental cars or cabs, you can simply enjoy the experience of being a passenger. Whether you prefer your St. Louis car service to function as a mobile office or a place to catch a few moments of quiet before your presentation, your experience will be what you want it to be with the right vendor.

Just because executive travel is a less than desirable way to spend your day, it doesn’t have to leave you miserable. Take the time to plan ahead and prepare yourself for anything that comes your way. This way you can take on the job with full attention and confidence and return home happy after a productive trip.  Treat yourself to the best, and eliminate potential sources of transportation stress by opting for St. Louis car service for your global travel needs.

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