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All-Year Round Fun Activities in St. Louis for All Ages

Posted on: May 14th, 2019 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

all year round fun activities in st louis for all ages

Fun isn’t just something you have as a kid. As adults, we tend to downplay or lessen the amount of fun we have, but in reality, fun plays an important part in keeping our hearts young and curious. Sure, there will always be responsibilities that take up our attention and time, but if you’re able and willing to make time for fun, you’ll soon get to reap the benefits from it. We’ll love for you to enjoy yourself and experience life to the fullest, so do take a look at some of our fun suggestions below:

Visit the Amusement Park

Never say never to good clean fun. Even if you’re not into adrenaline-inducing rides such as rollercoasters, there’s still plenty for you to enjoy and experience without feeling the urge to throw up or lie down. It’s a great place to just let loose and forget about your actual physical age as you bring out your inner child, and if you’ll rather just people watch, this is one place you’ll get to do so.

Amusement Park Suggestions: Six Flags, Winter Wonderland

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever gone on a treasure hunt before? Well, if you have, you’ll probably realize just how much fun it can be. Rather than go around looking for one to participate it, you can always plan one on your own. Also, you really don’t have to limit yourself to just the house.

Get a couple of objects, hide them around the neighbourhood and create clues and puzzles for everyone to figure out. To put a more competitive spin on it, you can give everyone a fixed amount of time as well as divide people into teams. Compared to hanging out on the couch, this is a great way to cover lots of ground and have fun at the same time.

Host a Board Game Night

There are definitely more board games than you have time to play, so you needn’t worry that you’ll run out of options. Of course, there are the classic ones such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and Risk, and there are also others that involve a lot more interaction, such as Klask, Speak Out and Taboo. The list goes on and on, and it really boils down to your preferences and how much time and effort you’re willing to spend learning and playing a game.

Board Game Suggestions: Trivial Pursuit, The Voting Game, Blokus

Go Ice Skating

Depending on the season, you really can’t go wrong with ice skating. It’s a great way to bring lots of people together, and you must admit it’s a lot easier to get used to than sky diving (no heights, right?). Even people who have absolutely no idea how to skate can still have fun fumbling their way around the ice rink. While you’re still standing steadily on both legs, this is one activity you should definitely attempt to learn and enjoy.

Ice Skating Rink Suggestions: Affton Ice Rink, Shaw Park Ice Rink, Ice Zone @ St. Louis Outlet Mall

Dine at a Restaurant You’ve Always Wanted To

There’s got to be a restaurant you’re eager to go to. If you’ve been putting it off or have simply been too busy, now’s the time to make your reservation. After all, enjoying good food is definitely on the top of the list for most people, and it’s also ideal for bringing everyone together. Involving younger children can be a little more challenging, but there are definitely restaurants which are kid-friendly.

If you’re unsure which restaurants to try out, you can always do a Google search with the keywords “James Beard restaurant St Louis”. From there, you’ll get to pick from a list of the best dining establishments.

Restaurant Suggestions: Planter’s House, Elaia, Sardella

Go on a Family Road Trip

Traveling doesn’t have to mean getting onto a plane or going to another country. There’s still plenty of places right here in the U.S. that you can explore and experience. Pack your bags and hit the road for a week. One of the best things about going on a road trip is that you get to choose where and when you want to stop to sleep for the night, which good food you want to try, and whom you want to strike up a conversation with. 

Hosting a Themed Culture Night

Rather than thinking about what type of party you’ll like to attend or be invited to, why not host your own? After all, you’ll get to set the theme, decide on the guests, and also fully decide on what kind of activities and games you’ll prefer to have. In fact, if you’re interested in themed parties, why not consider one that focuses on highlighting a specific culture?

For instance, if you’ve always been interested in Indian culture, you can always host a potluck party where everyone gets to contribute a little something. Decorate the place with an Indian inspired theme, get the right music going, and encourage all your guests to dress up in traditional Indian wear. Parties like this are not only a fun experience but also an educational one for everyone. 

Go on a Sightseeing Tour

It’s definitely possible to feel in awe when it comes to beautiful and engaging scenery, but the best part about it is when you actually get to see it with your own eyes. Rather than travel on foot or taking public transportation, another way to enjoy the great outdoors is with a guided tour ride. Not only will you get to rest in absolute comfort, you’ll also get to experience the beauty of nature unfolding right before your eyes.

With our luxurious St. Louis limo rental and experienced chauffeurs, you’ll get to enjoy the best scenic routes in the area while we do all the work. We’ll also be more than happy to accommodate your own preferences and ideas if there’s someplace else you’ll like to visit as well, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today or book our St. Louis ground transportation solutions online.

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