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Bachelor Party Bus Ideas for a Perfect Party

Posted on: June 14th, 2020 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

Group Of Male Friends On Night Out For Bachelor Party In Bar Making Toast Together

On average, it costs $1,044 to attend a bachelor party, depending on the planned activities and travel accommodations. Despite the high price, this is one tradition that isn’t disappearing anytime soon. How can you make a bachelor party one to remember? Rent a party bus and follow top party bus ideas.

You and the guys can take the party wherever you like and you won’t have to worry about designated drivers. Discover how to throw an unforgettable party with our party bus ideas sure to impress all the guests.

Planning a Menu

No bachelor party planning is complete without considering the menu. Before choosing any food or drinks, make sure to ask your party bus company what they allow.

Many companies will have a choice to order additional food and beverages if you ask about it in advance and pay a fee.

Once you know what’s allowed on the bus, here are some ideas for your menu.

Food Ideas

You’ll be moving a lot while on the bus, so avoid overly messy foods and stick with appetizers or finger-foods.

  • Chicken wings
  • Pizza
  • Veggie tray
  • Pretzels or popcorn
  • Garlic knots
  • Meatballs
  • Mini calzones or mini tacos
  • Pinwheels
  • Energy bars or nuts
  • Snack mixes

If you’re heading to a restaurant, stick with snack foods while on the bus.

Drink Ideas

Again, contact your transportation company to see what they allow. Ask about their policy on having alcohol on board. Once you’ve done that, here are some drink ideas.

  • Soda
  • Bottled water
  • Pina Coladas
  • Screwdrivers
  • Beer
  • Long Island ice tea
  • Vodka

Once you’ve talked everything over with your party bus company, talk to the guests. Find out what everyone likes and what types of drinks will go over best.

Party Bus Ideas and Themes

Looking for some fun party bus party ideas to make your bachelor party stand out? Creating a theme is a great way to make everyone feel more involved.

The theme could be your favorite decade, a ‘masquerade’, karaoke night, or whatever you’d like.

Here are some common themes for party busses to get you started.

School Pride

Did you and the guys all go to the same school? Whether it’s a high school or university, show off your school spirit by making it a theme.

Tell everyone to wear your school colors, or make it a costume party and tell everyone to dress up. You could have everyone come dressed like they used to in school or represent a specific ‘clique’ like the athletes, nerds/geeks, emo/goths.

Battle of the Decades

This is a common theme that everyone seems to have fun with. Have all the guests come dressed to represent their favorite decade and then figure out a way to decide the best dressed.

Another option is to choose a decade and make it a theme. You could do Roaring Twenties or all 90s grunge, for example.

Mardi Gras

Nothing says party quite like Mardi Gras. For this theme, tell everyone to grab their best masks, beads, and colorful outfits. Common colors are gold, green, and purple but you can wear almost anything colorful. 

This is a simple theme that works well for party busses and keeps the energy high even as the night goes on.

Making a Playlist

Choose the latest hits to keep the energy high or make it a themed playlist. Whatever you choose, make sure the music keeps your guests happy. 

You could create a Spotify playlist on your phone and bring a Bluetooth speaker, or ask about the sound system on your party bus.

If you’ve never made a playlist before, there are some tips for creating a party playlist that will help make the music match the mood you’re going for.

Grab Some Games

Keep in mind that your bus will constantly be on the move, but there are a lot of party games perfect for playing on the bus. This is a great way to get everyone involved and laughing while you wait to reach your destination.

Here are some ideas:

  • What Do You Meme?
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Drinking games
  • Charades
  • 5 Second Rule

Make sure to check the recommended number of players before picking any up to make sure you can include everyone. Another option is to take turns.

Destination Ideas

So now you know what to do on the bus, but do you know where you want to go? While many bachelor parties hop from bar to bar or head to local clubs, those aren’t your only options.

Bars and restaurants are great starter points, especially if you want to feed everyone before you continue with the party. From there, you could go to a bowling alley, a brewery, a casino, or a concert.

If you want to think outside the box, why not take everyone to play laser tag? You could also head to a theme park or even hit up an arcade. Consider what the groom and all the guests like to do when planning your schedule.

Make sure to talk with your transportation company well in advance and give them the schedule and list of places you want to go to.

Ask About Seating Arrangements

When booking a party bus, make sure you get one large enough to accommodate all the guests. Compact busses are meant for smaller groups, around fifteen people or so. Larger busses can hold up to fifty people.

Work with your company to figure out what the best size bus will be and what the seating arrangements are like. You’ll want to prepare your guests with all the rules and expectations before the event.

Ready to Book Your Party Bus?

If you’re in charge of throwing the bachelor party, you want to make sure it’s a night to remember! Booking a party bus is a great way to take your guests from location to location without worrying about parking or finding a designated driver.

It’s easy to throw the perfect bachelor party in St. Louis with these party bus ideas. Contact us to learn more about bachelor party bus rentals and to book your bus today.

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