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Begin the New Year Positively with These Inspiring Tips

Posted on: January 8th, 2019 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

Begin the New Year Positively with These Inspiring Tips

If you’re in the habit of listing down your new year resolutions well before the year ends, good for you. However, the laying out of resolutions is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ensuring you get close to achieving them. The question you should really be asking yourself isn’t centered on the resolutions themselves but should instead be focused on ourselves instead. We all want to do well in 2019, so let’s start working towards that goal.

Here at our St. Louis car service, we’re often asked about our top-notch service. The answer is pretty simple, and that’s having the right attitude and mindset at the get-go. When it comes to achieving or sticking to our new year resolutions, the same principles applies. It isn’t so much working hard (although that isn’t wrong) but working right that will bring us closer to success. We’ll love for you to be inspired for the new year, so do look at what we’ve listed down below:

1. Be Thankful

Mindful gratitude isn’t just thanking people outright, it’s also about cultivating the spirit of thankfulness in all that we do. Of course, if this isn’t something you’re used to doing, start small. List down one thing to be thankful for each day. Reflect on it and do the same thing the next day. When we look back on all the things, we’re thankful for, we’ll soon realize just how blessed we truly are.

2. Follow the One-a-Day Principle

Putting others first is a good thing, but when you start to feel demotivated and on the verge of a burnout, it’s time to put a halt and refocus your actions. You shouldn’t have to please everyone every day to the point where you neglect yourself. Why not do something extraordinary for just one person everyday instead? Not only will you get to make someone’s day daily, you’ll also have the time and energy to spend on your own well-being too.     

3. Spend Time with Family

In this case, family means anyone with whom you love spending time with and of course, your family members. We’re often inundated with work and responsibilities left and right, but that shouldn’t stop us from connecting with others on a personal level. This year aim to carve out enough time for your loved ones. When you bond and spend time with others, you’re not just catching up with their lives, you’ll also boost your own well-being.

4. Learn to Slow Down

We’re often told that faster and bigger is better, but in life, that isn’t necessarily true. In fact, if you find yourself looking back and wondering where you even are in life, it’s time to slow down and consider what you’ve been doing all along. There’s really no point speeding on the wrong way. Learn to reflect and consider your actions for everything that you do. Once you’re certain of your path, you’re more than welcome to unleash that burst of speed you’ve been storing up.

5. Say “Yes” Instead of “No”

Saying “yes” doesn’t have to mean turning into a doormat for other people’s requests and wishes. If you’re looking to increase your possibilities and opportunities this year, you’ll need to start paying attention to how often you say “yes” and “no”. If you’re declining more than accepting, are you doing so for the right reasons? After all, the doors of serendipity will only stay open for so long.

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