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Best Practices: Logistics of a Board of Directors Meeting

Posted on: December 16th, 2015 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

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Unless you have personally been responsible for organizing and planning a Board of Directors meeting, it is hard to understand the vast amount of work involved, logistically. In fact, it usually takes weeks to prepare for a meeting of this magnitude. In addition to attendees, you have to deal with documentation, slide shows, luncheons, possible conference calls, and more.
Organizing the logistics of a Board of Directors meeting is hard work. This requires focus on detail, organization, the ability to book travel, hotel, and ground transportation, and good communication and problem-solving skills. Above all, you must possess a tremendous amount of patience.

Board of Director Resolutions

Among the many documents that you are responsible for as the organizer of the Board of Directors meeting is board resolutions. While many of the resolutions are adopted by the members of the board prior to the actual meeting, there are times when a draft of the resolutions is requested in advance. A few examples of what the resolutions should address include the following:

• Record date of the meeting
• Annual Board of Directors meeting date, location, and agenda
• Appointment of the proxy committee
• Board members’ determinations regarding independence of independent directors and other committees of the board

Other Considerations

Along with the resolutions, you need to consider the responsibilities below.

• Key Personnel—Beyond company stockholders, several other personnel will be involved with the Board of Directors meeting. You need to identify these parties, determine their role, add them to the agenda, and make sure they receive documentation or information ahead of time. For instance, there will be a meeting secretary present who keeps official records, including recording the attendees, new issues raised, and the passing or denying of different votes.

• Documentation—As mentioned, when organizing a Board of Directors meeting you will need to gather, organize, and disseminate various documents. Probably the most important is the rules of conduct, which govern the manner in which the meeting is conducted. These rules must be provided to stockholders at the time of the meeting, thereby setting the behavioral expectations of everyone in attendance.

To run an efficient Board of Directors Meeting, you never want surprises. This is why good organization skills are a must. The way the meeting is planned and organized can have a significant impact on the outcome of issues on the table, in that good organization sets the tone.

Arranging for Ground Transportation

Because it is common to have attendees from out of town for a Board of Directors meeting, you want to use a respected limo service. Depending on the number of guests, one or more limousine will be ordered. Regardless, a professional chauffeur will make sure that everyone is picked up on time, dropped off at the respective location, and treated with the upmost respect.

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