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Boosting Productivity by Not Multitasking

Posted on: July 12th, 2016 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

boosting productivity

In today’s world, it’s inevitable for all of us to multitask, especially for the professionals who depend on their multitasking skills to have a successful day. But surprisingly, multitasking is bad for your health and at the same time pretty impossible to do well.

People who multitask share characteristics such as facing problems with short- and long-term memory, paying attention and the ability to process information. You may think that you’ve solved two tasks at once but in fact you just rapidly switched between them, resulting in two things done inadequately rather than one well-done issue.

Therefore we help you by providing some productivity tips to help you be more efficient and systematized, especially if you’re spending a lot of time on the road.


Avoid multitasking as much as possible, because we aren’t more productive acting like this, as studies have shown it already. In fact, we are more efficient if we focus on one task at a time.  Deal with just one project at a time. It’s a rather challenging task to switch between different activities than similar ones so try not to oscillate back and forth between activities such as writing and spreadsheet calculations, for example.


Use an app to help you improve focus. For example, Focus Booster App makes you stand up and walk around for five minutes, out of every half an hour. You might not believe it but it is really helpful in keeping you efficient when you are at your office.


Making to-do lists and splitting big jobs up into several small tasks are also useful. You can’t deny that it’s very motivating to checking items off of your list. Do not procrastinate and confront first the hardest task or the one that will demand the most concentration and energy.

Take into consideration that accomplishing tasks is better than losing time on doing them perfectly.


Perform assignments that don’t require your full attention while having phone conversations. So, while you have a call, use that time to dust or organize your desk and bookshelves.

It’s also important to assign tasks and focus only on the projects that really need your attention.


Try to reduce distractions and turn off the ringer on your phone, do not check your email every half an hour and block your schedule, so people know not to bother you.


Limit social media browsing. If you really have to access it, set up a time to check your profiles, but be careful not to become distracted.


The essential tip is not to multitask while driving. You should not text, call or do last-minute conference calls via your headset, because you can’t divide your attention equally. In reality, you’ll be doing a disservice to each activity.


We know that getting rid of the multitasking habit is hard, but try it and you’ll be more productive than ever.


Must you continue to work even while on the road?


Just call Corporate Transportation St. Louis and allow our chauffeurs to handle the driving part while you deal with your business tasks from the comfortable backseat of our vehicles.

Being a passenger of Corporate Transportation’s executive sedan, limousine, SUV or van service gives you the possibility to work uninterrupted while traveling between destinations. If one of your meetings or presentations ends earlier or later than expected, don’t worry because your chauffeur will be there, waiting on site to drive you wherever you need. Also, our employees are prepared to suggest you overnight accommodations, including dining and other services you might need to improve your executive travel to St. Louis.

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Many of our clients see St. Louis chauffeured transportation as a necessity for business travel rather than a luxury. One might even say that the right car service can be the key to success on the road. So, book the leading St. Louis car service provider and we guarantee you a convenient, luxurious and reliable service while traveling for business reasons. If you want to arrive on time, to display a professional image to your client or get to know some of the “best-of-class” services, you should book this chauffeured transportation company that struggles to provide you with the highest quality experience available.

Discover if you are a good multitasker. David Copperfield has a little test for you.

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