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Building Teamwork Skills

Posted on: July 24th, 2014 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

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Group Activities for the Office

They say that two heads are better than one, and in a corporate setting that is absolutely true. Working together as a team to meet your business goals is the best way to provide a satisfactory product or service to your valued clients. Businesses falter when the individuals within them cannot pull together to work toward a common goal. No matter how talented your team is on an individual basis, it can be hard to get to the finish line if they are unable or unwilling to use those talents to bolster your group as a whole. You can improve the team working skills of your employees with a few fun activities and exercises. Taking even just a short amount of work time to teach the value of group work will pay off majorly at the end of the day.

Schedule a Corporate Retreat or Day Trip

Many corporations have started having corporate retreats or day trips designed to help cultivate team-building skills. These events can take place after regular business hours or on weekends so that you will not have to sacrifice valuable work hours. Employees will be happy to learn that these retreats can feel more like a day of fun with friends than another day at the office. The best team building retreats involve entertaining games that everyone will enjoy.

You can turn your employee retreat into a giant scavenger hunt spanning the city of St. Louis. Your employees will be split into two groups and follow a set of clues to get from location to location and whoever reaches the finish line at the end will win. Team work is built up when employees will have to pull together to solve clues and manage their way around road blocks and obstacles that will pop up along the way. Another similar group event is a mystery game designed to have your workers solve a crime by collecting clues from around the city.

Plan Activities Inside the Office

Team building activities do not have to be giant all day affair’s either. You can do wonders to improve your employee’s group skills while still staying in the office. There are plenty of small but fun activities that you can plan on a regular day of work that will help your employees work together more efficiently.

The very first thing that you will need to do when you are building up team working skills is making sure that your employees are properly acquainted. It is much easier for people to work together with people that are familiar and comfortable. If your employees do not interact very often, you should do some activities to break the ice. Have your employees introduce themselves with interesting facts about their lives. Once you get people talking, you will find that they will be much happier to work together.

When you’re planning games to build teamwork skills, a smart move is to take a cue from educators. There are many activities that can translate from the classroom to the office, for example, the egg drop. Employees can work together to create a cushioning device that will keep an egg from breaking while falling from a height of eight feet. This has been popular with science teachers for years as it promotes both team work and critical thinking. The activity is fun and challenging enough to still appeal to an adult group. Other activities you can do are jigsaw puzzles, telephone, and group cooking contests.

By engaging your employees in just a few small activities to encourage them to work as a team, you can significantly improve the production and efficiency of your team. When several people pull together to solve problems together, the work gets done faster and the quality of the work improves. For more ideas about fun and interesting games you can play with your employees, look for information online.

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