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Business dinner etiquette tips

Posted on: September 20th, 2016 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

business dinner

You must realize that making a first positive impression is essential, especially if you’re a busy manager who has to entertain potential clients at dinner. If you want the customer to have a high opinion of you, in particular, and your firm, in general, you should pay attention to some business dinner etiquette principles when dealing with an important client. We know that is rather difficult to keep track of so many basic etiquette rules, so we want to help you by compiling a list of key tips for making the right impression every single time.


Don’t forget to shake hands

Before sitting down to dine with a possible future client or a significant potential business partner, you must acknowledge the importance of the occasion with something other than words. A firm yet friendly handshake will establish a warm, amicable, yet professional atmosphere right from the start.


Make an appropriate selection from the menu

A lot of business dinners can’t last very long. So, it’s important when ordering your meal to quickly pick something so the discussion can shift to business matters as soon as possible. Even if you aren’t so accustomed to the domain of fine dining, you should not give that impression. Just take a pick, order and move on. Don’t waste everybody’s time by oscillating too much time between the chicken and the specialty fish.


Be polite to the server

At a business dinner, you can easily go wrong, especially at a first time encounter with a new client, by being disrespectful or impatient to the server. No matter how great you were to your client the whole meeting, being impolite to the restaurant staff will only create discomfort and tension and make the client nervous. Make sure to keep a pleasant tone, to make reasonable demands and friendly interactions. Try not to make a scene if your server gets your order incorrect or has forgotten something because you’ll seem rather easily to be upset.  Remain calm and focus on the business matters.


Order simple foods

Imagine how embarrassing is to discuss a major business project with barbecue sauce dripping down your chin or to intermix your ideas about a potential business venture with slurps or loud chewing. If you choose simple and easy to be eaten food, you won’t have to give extra importance to the actual act of eating during the course of your meal. The meal shouldn’t be the focus but rather a background aspect.


Avoid unfamiliar foods

It’s very unpleasant to experience stomach pain, allergic reactions or other bothersome response to something you have eaten during an important business meeting. So try to stick to foods that you know not to harm you. Try to be adventurous at later business dinners when you’re more familiar with the respective client and the atmosphere is more flexible.


The right business dinner etiquette can help you give the right impression, proudly stand for your company and successfully relate with a potential client. You should carefully prepare before your next business dinner and ensure your sense of etiquette accordingly.

In case you are the one organizing the event, an easy way of gaining the trust of your business dinner partner is to treat them with corporate ground transportation.


Corporate Transportation for Business Meetings

One’s image and the way he presents himself are essential in business. Being well-timed, dependable and having a professional appearance will help you make the right impression on clients. Corporate Transportation limo service of St. Louis knows how important is to be on time for business meetings, so we guarantee that our service will be prompt and professional. We have a varied fleet of luxury vehicles, highly-qualified chauffeurs and a commitment to ensuring excellent service.

Corporate Transportation is the company to count on for car service in St. Louis or worldwide and St. Louis, for business meetings. We acknowledge your need to be punctual and maintain a professional image and we guarantee to pay the proper attention to details.

We know how important is to prepare yourself for the business meeting and that is why Corporate Transportation gives you the benefit of focusing on your presentation or meeting materials, so you’ll arrive relaxed and prepared.


Our Fleet Options for Business Meetings

Corporate Transportation offers various vehicle choices suited for business meetings of all sizes. The sedans and SUVs can help present a professional, luxury image of individuals or small groups. Comfortable executive van service is adequate for mid-sized groups, while larger groups are best provided for by a luxury coach bus. If you want to find out more about your vehicle options for business meetings chauffeured transportation, check out our fleet page.


Book St. Louis Car Service for Your Meeting

Call (314)-423-1516 if you want to discuss your need of St. Louis or worldwide chauffeured transportation for business meetings with one of our staff members. You can also book our services online.

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