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Celebrate Good Times: Why You Need a Birthday Party Bus in St. Louis

Posted on: June 22nd, 2020 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

Party bus

It’s time to plan another epic birthday: Are you stuck on how to make this one stand out? You deserve a birthday spent making memories with friends in a stress-free manner. Why not reserve a party bus to help make your day more special?

If you’re looking for an unforgettable way to have fun in St. Louis, read on to find out why a party bus is the perfect addition to your birthday celebrations this year.

Make Memories With Friends

How can you avoid yet another boring birthday?

The recipe for an outstanding celebration includes great friends and a memorable, stress-free experience.

When you reserve a party bus, you bring the friends, and the experience brings itself. Whether you’re planning to spend the day somewhere specific or your perfect birthday includes a joyride around St. Louis with your best buddies, a party bus is the ideal transportation for your group.

Not only will your friends be impressed with your party plans for this year, but they will enjoy an extraordinary experience as well. Wherever your destination, getting there in a luxury vehicle beats driving the car you use every day.

Safe Way to Have Fun

Every day, approximately 29 people die in car accidents caused by alcohol impairment. Of course, you never want to contribute to this statistic in the name of fun.

To that end, are you wondering who to assign as your designated driver on the evening of your birthday festivities?

No worries. When you book a party bus, each of your friends can let their guard down. You automatically get a designated driver in the form of a professional chauffeur.

Your professional driver in St. Louis is screened through background checks and has an impeccable driving record. They make it their mission to transport passengers safely from one location to another every day.

When you board your bus with your friends, you can each let your hair down and celebrate without a care. Forget about traffic jams, impossibly tight parking spots, and potential accidents. Your driver’s job is to ensure that your party carries on without incident.

A Party Bus Equals Reliable Transportation

Are you celebrating your birthday by seeing your favorite artist live in concert?

Perhaps you’re planning a destination party at your favorite nightclub.

Wherever you’re going, a party bus can transport you reliably and on-time. When you rent a bus, you don’t have to worry about logistics such as finding the quickest way to get to your destination or ensuring convenient parking spaces.

Your driver will map out the best route according to your details, and he or she will get you there in ample time. He or she has likely driven to your destination many times before and is familiar with various shortcuts to make your night hassle-free.

Additionally, group transportation is ideal when your birthday destination is far away, or if your festivities include several stops. St. Louis party buses feature amenities that will keep you and your friends comfortable and entertained whether your ride lasts fifteen minutes or three hours. For instance:

  • Bring snacks and drinks on board to store in the bus’s fridge
  • Watch your favorite show or spin your tunes on the included entertainment system
  • Get comfortable in reclining leather seats
  • Charge your tech gadgets during the ride

Your driver is guaranteed to wait for your group at every stop so that you can leave your belongings on board and never worry about a ride to your next destination.

Cheaper and More Convenient Than Rideshare

Were you planning on grabbing a rideshare as your birthday transportation?

Unless you want to spend more money overall and face many unknowns, choose to book a party bus instead. The average rideshare fare in the US costs about 25.37 dollars. As per typical rideshare service, this price does not include multiple prolonged stops or other amenities.

On the other hand, when you book a party bus, you’re reserving transportation with the same trusted driver for an entire day or evening. You don’t have to wonder who will take you to your upcoming destination, what kind of car they’ll drive, or how much your ride will cost. Nothing kills the party mood quite like waiting for a rideshare and dealing with unexpected mishaps.

Luxury to Your Liking

Why should your birthday celebration start only after you arrive at your destination?

By booking a party bus, you can start the party as soon as you board. Choose custom amenities and iron out specific details to make your party bus be the perfect scene for a celebration.

To start, you can choose which party bus you want to book. These buses feature luxury amenities such as exceptional entertainment systems and even room to dance comfortably onboard.

Feel free to request champagne or other drinks and snacks to start your party on the road. You can bring your own food and decorations onto your bus as well.

Perfect for Every Age

Do you think you’re too old or too young to book a party bus for your birthday? Think again.

No matter your age, a party bus is the perfect addition to your birthday event. For instance, your 21st birthday is a milestone that is worthy of a party bus celebration.

You may even book a party bus to transport your child and their friends to their party destination. Reserving a bus eliminates the need for every child to get a ride from their parent, and everyone can meet up at one convenient pickup spot. Imagine how thrilled your sixteen-year-old will be to arrive at a video arcade in style with ten of his closest friends.

Let the Party Begin

Are you ready for a flawless night of partying?

Celebrate in style by booking your party bus today. From custom amenities to stress-free rides, we offer professional transportation for your convenience. Browse our services, and plan your luxury ride today.

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