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How to Combine a Business Trip With a Vacation

Posted on: May 2nd, 2017 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

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If you often need to travel for work, you might find yourself longing to take a trip for purposes of pleasure rather than business. However, you can most certainly enjoy yourself while also attending meetings and finalizing an important deal. You just need to know how to combine a business trip with a vacation.

Having a great vacation is all about creating a memorable experience for yourself. By freeing yourself from the restraints of your normal routine, you can feel energized and renewed. You might think that such feelings aren’t possible on a typical business trip. If your business trip consists of you sleeping in or otherwise procrastinating at your hotel room until it’s time for a meeting, then it certainly won’t be very rewarding. However, you can have a great experience if you practice time management.

Before or (if you’re flying) en route to your business trip, take the time to map out some things you’d like to do. Since you’re going for work purposes, you should have a schedule that you can work around. For instance, if you know you’ll be in meetings for most of the afternoon, decide what you’d like to do in the morning and evenings. Should you be staying in a coastal area, you should take the time to visit the beach at least one morning.

You can also benefit from taking a vacation from yourself and your routines. While you shouldn’t forego using your smartphone or laptop (you’ll need them, after all), you should relish the downtime you have and not resort to mindless activity, especially since you have whole new areas to explore. Instead of heading straight back to your hotel when business is done for the day and zoning out on Facebook or aimlessly channel-surfing, you should check out any sites of interest, such as museums or well-regarded restaurants. Talk to the concierge for some good recommendations.

If you’re going on a vacation, such as a family trip, but have the opportunity to make strong business deals or other work-related endeavors, make sure you are practical about it. Don’t stress yourself out unnecessarily and put a strain on your vacation time by pursuing something too aggressively. Carve out a scheduled time to discuss business and hope for the best.

The key to a great trip, business or otherwise, is making use of your time. There are only so many hours in a day, so why waste any of them? By balancing work with relaxation, you can experience a trip that will be a truly special experience for you.

If you’re traveling to St. Louis soon, we gladly welcome you. Whether it’s for a business trip or vacation, we’re more than happy to accommodate you. Whether it’s with our St Louis limo rental service or our St Louis airport shuttle service, we will provide you with the most wonderful of transportation as our way of showing our utmost appreciation. We hope you have a great trip and look forward to seeing you.

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