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Corporate Travel Management: Paperwork made easy

Posted on: June 21st, 2016 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

corporate travel management

Being a corporate travel manager, you know that every day is a challenge. In fact, each day comes up with new demanding situations, including tons of paperwork that can slow you down.

But there are multiple methods to simplify your paperwork and improve your daily productivity. We present you five tips to help you simplify your paperwork.


1.Focus on the problem

Multitasking skills can be a great asset, but it’s not very useful when dealing with paperwork because you have to establish priorities. Identify the issues that must be dealt with quickly and set them as your top priorities. Once your paperwork is finished, you can go ahead with your next project.


2.Eliminate workplace distractions

Any workplace is full of distractions that cost you a lot of time and money whether we talk about incoming Facebook messages or a neverending conversation with a talkative colleague. Try to take the necessary precautions to diminish these distractions or even eliminate them from the workplace.

Entrepreneur contributor Kristin Marquet considers that workplace interruption can’t be avoided, but by taking a calm, relaxed and collected approach to this matter can prevent it from escalating into serious problems.

“If your office has a door, keep it closed. When a co-worker is looking to talk idly, tell him/her that you’re trying to finish a project, but you would be more than happy to chat later,” Marquet says.


3.Stick to your deadlines

When must your paperwork be completed? By imposing yourself deadlines, you can create a personalized schedule to finish your tasks on time, every time.

But try to remain flexible regarding your deadlines. Don’t forget that a corporate travel manager’s day can shift from slow and boring to quick and chaotic in just a second and you must be prepared to adjust your deadlines if needed.


4.Don’t be afraid to say no

Of course that you’re a team player, and, therefore, you are ready to help your coworkers finish their everyday projects on time. Although it is a nice, unselfish gesture to assist others, you also must comprehend that you can say no if you feel like you’re swamped.


As a corporate travel manager, one faces a lot of stress which can escalate rapidly if he/she tries to take care of an excessive amount of work. So, try to focus on completing your assignments first, and, if you have some extra time to spare afterward, feel free to help your colleagues.


  1. Stay Hydrated

Take a five-minute break and drink some water because it could help boost your productivity, especially if you’re overwhelmed by paperwork.

Staying hydrated is vital and the people who drink a glass of water from time to time can see the differences instantly. A dehydrated employee can immediately become a lenient worker, so be sure to drink plenty of water throughout your workday to keep the pace.

A corporate travel manager is responsible for getting managers from one location to another, quickly and safely, regardless of the amount of paperwork he or she has to finish. Fortunately, there is a first-class ground transportation company that helps corporate travel managers become more productive – Corporate Transportation St. Louis.


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