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Corporate Travel Tips: Five Relaxation Apps for the Busy Executive

Posted on: July 15th, 2015 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

st louis limo service, st louis limoOne of the primary reasons that some people achieve executive-level status is that they work hard and put in long hours. To reach and maintain a top executive position is challenging. After all, in this role there are incredible demands. To make life easier and reduce stress, the busy executive might consider using one of the five best corporate travel relaxation apps.

These apps can be downloaded to a variety of mobile devices, they are easy to use, and most achieve amazing results. Most people experience a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation within a very short amount of time.

Learning to Relax with the Right Application

  • Buddhify – Meditation is an ancient method used for both relaxation and healing. However, finding time to meet with a group to meditate is nearly impossible for the busy executive. A better solution is an application called Buddhify, which is used during everyday activities. The app can be used while having lunch, sitting at a desk, or on a plane heading to a convention. Included is a progress report and timer for self-guided meditation sessions.
  • Headspace – With this meditation app, a busy executive can learn how to meditate using only 10 minutes out of each day. The application promotes better sleep, helps unclutter the mind, and makes life overall less stressful. To stay on track, reminders can be set with this relaxation application; through a dashboard, progress can be evaluated.
  • Stop, Breathe, & Think – This free iOS application is also focused around meditation. In all, there are 15 unique exercises and a feature that tracks mood. Through the “Check In” feature, the application advises the busy executive as to how well he or she is doing, followed by generating three specific meditation exercises based on the report.
  • Worry Box – For Android users, this free application works great. The busy executive simply types in the reason for feeling anxious, and in response, help is provided to get control of those feelings. Typically, results come in just one or two days. As part of the design, different statements are generated that help the user change feelings about a particular situation.
  • Relax Melodies – For many people, music has a genuine calming effect. This relaxation app is designed with numerous sounds, including thunder, a waterfall, and even city noises, that help clear and calm the mind while sleeping or awake.
  • GPS for the Soul – Presented by Huffington Post along with HeartMath and bLife, this relaxation application uses the camera lens on a cellphone to measure levels of stress. If detected, the executive is invited to make changes through poetry, pictures of family, music, breathing exercises, and other positive things. Also included are helpful articles pertaining to situations and experiences that cause stress, such as indecisiveness, not moving beyond the past, and more.
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