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The do’s and don’ts of packing

Posted on: May 30th, 2017 by Corporate Transportation No Comments


When booking our St Louis car service, our clients know they’re getting the best quality in transportation whether you’re in need of airport transportation or a night on the town. Our job is to make sure each client is given the best possible experience, which is why we don’t stop at only offering quality vehicles that are luxurious and well-kept. We also offer our clients the bonus of only hiring trained and professional chauffeurs, and we only work with the best. We also like to offer our clients a chance to learn a few other tips and tricks that make travel easier. It’s what we do, and we don’t stop at only offering you our stellar St Louis airport shuttle services. We want to help you learn the do’s and don’ts of packing before you embark on this journey.

Do Pay Attention to Airport Policy

The airport and your airline both follow the Federal Aviation Administration’s rules as well as the TSA laws and rules in effect. To ensure you pack correctly and avoid any travel hassles, get to know these rules. Learn what you can and cannot pack, how big your luggage can be, and how much it can weigh. This information is helpful when you begin packing because no one wants to spend time in the airport unpacking and repacking because of a silly mistake.

Do Pack Neutral

This doesn’t mean you can’t pack your favorite brights, just remember to pack neutral accessories if you go that route. For example, if you are a lover of Lilly Pulitzer prints, remember to pack either cognac or white accessories to go with each one so you can minimize the number of handbags, hats, and shoes you need to pack. If you choose to pack neutral clothes, pack them all in a specific color and add a few bright accessories such as tops and jewelry to break them up and make your outfits appear unique.

Do Make a List

Making a packing list is the wisest move you’ll make, and using it is even wiser. This information helps ensure you’re packing only what you need, not adding useless items, and that you’re covering every event you’re attending when you’re away.

Don’t Stuff Your Bag

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. You can stuff all you want in a bag, sit on it, and force is closed. This doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. It might weigh too much, or it might be too large to fit in an overhead bin. This might result in paying additional fees for overages or even gate-checking your luggage prior to boarding.

Don’t Pack Illegal Items

Do you have a concealed weapons permit? If you do, you might not really think much about the concealed weapon in your handbag but security at the airport will. Now is the time to go through your everyday bags to be sure there is nothing in there that might be confiscated or cause you to miss your flight.

Don’t Stress

Anything you forget or can’t fit can be picked up where you’re going. If you’re traveling with your toddler, pack enough diapers for one day. You can pick up more when you land. This is a simple technique many people use when they travel to avoid overpacking and causing more stress.

Our professional chauffeurs will meet you at the gate with our luxury vehicles so you can arrive anywhere in style. We provide quality service and excellent chauffeurs to each client, and we hope our packing tips help you begin your trip on the right foot.


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