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Effective Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Winery Tours

Posted on: August 29th, 2019 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

winery tour

An exquisitely blended wine is inevitable. It stimulates every taste bud that makes customers want more – and that includes a winery tour. Marketing a tasty offer like this is not the same as showing off other products. As if the long hard years of gathering and growing your vineyard is not enough, you also need to employ creative and strategic ways to attract attention. After all, the one-size-fits-all marketing approach is practically non-existent. It’s time to develop diverse pitches that will pair well with locals, travelers, groups, and solo wine fans!

Simple Steps for Marketing Vineyard Tours

Thinking out the box should not be very difficult. It’s a matter of developing an excellent lifestyle in marketing. Hence, we have devised five lucrative ways to help you book more winery tours. Take a look:

  • Build a Brand

Prior to selling or offering your product, building a brand you want to be known for is crucial. It doesn’t matter if you own a home business or company, this step is essential. How can you do this? You can start by giving out souvenirs and magnets to your clients, such as tour participants. You can also personalize wine bottles and corks. This is how you make customers remember you for years to come!

  • Advertise Online

The internet serves as the best platform for reaching more people. Take advantage of it. Print a QR, or Quick Response code, to all of your mailings, brochures, and products so that customers can easily contact you. Maintain social media accounts to stay relevant too. There are tools that you can use to earn followers. Once you have established an audience, promoting your company becomes easy.

  • Promote Group Packages

Host events for corporate trips and larger groups. It will get you closer to a wider market. A winery located within a high-traffic business area or convention center should benefit a lot from this. Capture the loyalty of corporate travelers finding meaning ways to entertain clients visiting the area. You might also want to consider treating employees with a special getaway!

  • Take Care of Regulars

If you have already organized wine tasting events and tours, you will surely come across people who show up not just once. These are your dedicated regulars, so take care of them! You can repay their loyalty and show your appreciation with gifts. When you do this, you are also encouraging recommendations. This will propel your winery business forward in no time.

If your business has the tools, we recommend using an online booking software program that enables you to set up simple configurations for tiered and multiple pricing for different groups, tours, and seasons. You can also up-sell through add-ons on merchandise purchases and tour upgrades. There is usually a software that accommodates this with a few simple clicks.

So, there we have it. There are numerous creative ways to attract and engage clients to your winery tours. Promote your business by giving these five strategies a try. Your calendar will be filled with loyal customers!

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