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Get the Most Comfortable Hotel Room Ever with These 5 Amazing Tips

Posted on: November 7th, 2017 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

comfortable hotel

It’s pretty easy to book a hotel room these days. Rather than having to appear physically or calling up in advance, there are plenty of online sites through which we can place a booking. Then again though, our efforts don’t always provide us with the room conditions that we seek.

Let’s take a look at what else we can do to ensure that our hotel stay is a comfortable one:


Treat the Staff Nicely

The front desk usually has quite a bit of authority when it comes to room matters. If you’re looking for a room change or upgrade, it’s definitely in your best interests to be polite and friendly to the staff. Before checking into your room, you can always inquire about your room’s location. If you’re a light sleeper, you’ll want to request for a room away from the elevator shaft and ice machine.


A Good Pillow Works Wonders

Ever placed your head on a pillow or lied down on a bed that just instantly made you feel like settling down and going to sleep? Big chain hotels are usually on point with those details, but pillows are a lot more to do with our personal preference. That’s why you’re likely to encounter extra pillows stored in the room that’s a different feel to the ones placed on your bed. This gives us the option of switching out our bed pillows, using the extra one as a bolster or even just having an extra cushion to sleep with.


Clean the Air Around You

Unless we request a smoking room, we’ll most likely be placed in a non-smoking one. Then again, it’s not just the smell of smoke that can cause us to feel uncomfortable in our room. From musty vents to dusty curtains, just about anything can cause us to feel less at ease. You can always bring along a travel-sized linen spray to spruce things up or even go all the way with a portable air freshener.


Enquire About Renovations

Some hotels make it known on their website and social media page that they’re currently going through a renovation phase. You can always enquire which section of the hotel they’re currently working on (as the work is usually done in phases) so you can choose a room away from all the noise. You can even enquire if it’s possible to get a newly renovated room so that you can enjoy fresh new surroundings at the same price.


Count on the Star Rating

A hotel’s own star rating on their website might not be the best indicator of how comfortable your hotel stay will be. Go for actual guest reviews on sites like TripAdvisor. More popular hotels receive frequent reviews on a weekly basis so it’s a really good indicator of the condition of the hotel or the level of service you’re going to receive if you decide to stay there.

Another way to enjoy even more comfort is with our St. Louis limousine service. Our trained chauffeurs are always alert on the road so you can be assured of a safe ride to any destination in St. Louis. If you’re looking for the best way to travel, this is it.

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