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Gratuities: When, Who, and How Much to Tip

Posted on: January 6th, 2016 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

Person is putting money into a tips jar at a restaurant

Although you may have some idea of when, who, and how much to tip, gratuities remain somewhat confusing. After all, tipping is somewhat unique to the type and complexity of the service rendered.


When and Who to Tip


Typically, anytime you receive a service, gratuity is appropriate. Even though the actual amount varies to some degree, if you’re dining out in a fine restaurant, getting help from a porter when checking into a hotel, having your hair done in a salon, or hiring a St. Louis limo service, you should tip.


As far as who to tip, focus on the actual person who provided the service. In some cases, that individual is required to tip others, so from the gratuity you offer, a percentage will be passed down to one or more individuals. As an example, when you tip a server in a restaurant, that person may need to share with the bartender that prepared your drinks.


How Much to Tip


The amount of gratuity is often confusing. As mentioned, gratuity for a chauffeur from a limousine service in St. Louis is different than what you would tip when having a pizza delivered. You want to consider the type of service, as well as the amount of time the professional dedicated to you and the level of work involved. Following are a few examples to consider.


  • Restaurant and Bar—If you’re ordering takeout, no tip is required, but when dining in or enjoying drinks at a bar, your server/bartender would receive a 15-percent tip for average service and 20 percent or higher for exceptional service. In addition, when having food delivered to your home or place of business, a 10-percent tip is considered the norm.


  • Hotel Stay—A porter helping with your bags would receive $1 per bag, the valet anywhere from $2 to $5, depending on the caliber of service, the housekeeper between $2 and $3 per night, and for room service, 20 percent of the overall bill. Even your concierge receives gratuity, which ranges from $5 to $20 based on the complexity of services provided.


Limo Service in St. Louis


For a chauffeur from a limousine service in St. Louis, 15 to 20 percent is the average amount tipped. If the chauffeur from the St. Louis limo company provides more personalized services, a higher tip is acceptable. For instance, if your chauffeur takes you around for hours or on a longer distance trip, helps load and unload luggage or packages, or offers suggestions regarding things to see and do while visiting the city, leaving more gratuity is deemed appropriate.

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