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Guide to America’s Center Convention Complex

Posted on: July 10th, 2014 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

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Planning a Meeting or Convention in Downtown St. Louis

Planning a meeting or convention in the St. Louis area? The city is full of spacious and professional venues. Finding accommodation in the big city is very easy, no matter what the details of your event. The America’s Center Convention Complex alone has been serving the needs of conventioneers for years. The space can accommodate a wide variety of events from exhibits to executive meetings to talks, speeches, and other theatrical performances. The advantages to hosting your event at the America’s Center Convention Complex are endless.

Take Advantage of a Great Location

The greatest advantage of America’s Center is its prime location. The complex is located in the middle of downtown St. Louis. The central location makes the convention center a draw for some of the largest events in the city. It is also very accessible through public transportation as it is located just a short walk from a metro station and surrounded by multiple bus stops.

The easy accessibility is not the only advantage to the center’s central location. Being in the center of the city, it is only a short distance away from many of the largest and most important businesses in the St. Louis area. For executives planning professional conventions, finding a location near a city’s business center is very important. The last thing you want to do is inconvenience the very people whom you are trying to draw.

The convention center is located on Washington Avenue, one of the busiest and most vibrant streets in the downtown area. Being surrounded by so many restaurants and shops is always an advantage. After people attend your event, there are plenty of options for delicious food and entertainment in the area.

You Will Love All of the Wonderful Amenities

Inside America’s Center Convention Complex, you will find a list of amenities a mile wide. The center can provide you with whatever resources that you might need. The Executive Conference Center is the perfect place to host a smaller scale executive meeting. The rooms are equipped to seat up to one hundred people and includes a large projection screen and desk like seating for your attendees. You can also take advantage of a fantastic catering service to provide refreshment for your guests.

Those in need of a larger space to host their convention will be able to make use of the remaining 502,000 square feet of exhibit space that is located within the convention center’s wall. Another popular option for large events is the 28,000 foot ballroom. The ballroom is perfect for formal affairs such as benefits, banquets, and more. If you are having speakers or entertainment at your event, you will also be happy to know the Ferrara Theatre located inside the convention center can seat up to 1,400 people.

In addition to the numerous spaces that the convention center provides, there is also a long list of other amenities that come along with your rental of the space. You will be able to enjoy free wireless Internet, access to ATMS if you or your guests are in need of cash, a well educated concierge service that can help you with questions both about the convention center itself and the area around it, and access to comfortable lounges where you can go to get a moment of relaxation.

Planning a major event can be one of the biggest jobs you will ever do. You want to make sure that your event will go as smoothly as it possibly can. The best thing you can do to ensure that your event runs as smooth and effortlessly as possible is booking a venue that will accommodate all of your needs. The America’s Center Convention Complex has everything you could need and also comes with a long history of satisfying the St. Louis area for years. You can rest assured that you are in good hands when you choose to use their venue.

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