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Holiday Business Travel Survival Guide

Posted on: November 1st, 2016 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

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It’s hard to imagine how close are the holidays, one of the most active periods of the year that involves a lot of traveling.

Before traveling for personal or business reasons during this tumultuous season, it’s best to read the following tips if you want to keep both your sanity and the holiday spirit.

Avoid Peak Travel Dates

All the big U.S. airports are very busy during the Thanksgiving holiday, a fact that will affect you even if you’re going to a country that doesn’t celebrate the holiday. We advise you not to travel the Wednesday before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving because those days are the busiest national travel days of the whole year. So, try to travel the Monday or even the Tuesday before and for the way back choose Friday because the majority of people have moved to the malls for Black Friday shopping. The crowds are back again on Saturday, the peak being Sunday and on Monday things are normal again.

As for December, try not to travel on the Saturday before Christmas and on December 28th, the busiest day for both New Year and Christmas travel. Traveling during the not so busy periods will help you avoid the stress of eluding the crowds and running to catch your flight.


Allow Extra Time to get to the Airport

The airport executives advise us to arrive at the airport three hours before an international flight and two hours before domestic flight departures. But you should take into account the fact that the roads will be packed as well so take some extra time on the highways, all the more if you reside in an urban area with a lot of traffic. Consider that the wisest option is to book a ride. If you contact the well-known St. Louis Car Service, you can rest assured that they’ll provide a reliable, luxurious and convenient service no matter if you’re traveling to the airport or vice-versa.

During this period, you should also be prepared for unanticipated events, like flight delays due to harsh winter weather or the unpleasant scenario of overbooked flights.


…And Through the Airport

Don’t be taken by surprise by how slow things can go at some point at the airport security lines. If you’re a frequent traveler, you’re familiar with the TSA’s security measures, but people who don’t fly as much may not expect this. A useful hint is not to get into security lines behind people who look baffled, families with children or passengers with lots of gifts.


To keep the security line moving, we advise you the following:

– Have your ID/passport  and boarding pass easily reachable

– Put all your liquids in a zip-top plastic bag and conform to the 3-1-1 rule: liquids or gels must be limited to 3-ounce or smaller containers that can be placed in a one-quart-size clear plastic zip-top bag; one bag/passenger.


Be Carry-on Savvy

The changeable winter weather and the increase in the number of passengers are the motives for flight delays or even canceled connections that can culminate with the lost luggage problem. If you prefer to carry your bag and not check it, there’s less reason to worry. However, packing for the overhead compartment can be a tricky task. First of all, check your airline’s requirements thoroughly. Secondly, don’t put an emphasis on aesthetics because you can waste precious space. Many packing experts consider wise to choose a duffel bag or even a rolling duffel bag rather than a rolling suitcase. If you’re in the first situation, your flight is full and you’re not amongst the first on the plane, just relax because you can stuff your flexible bag into any odd space available between roller bags in overhead compartments.

Remember to keep in your carry-on bag copies of travel documentation like your contact information and your passport for your company’s travel risk management provider and necessary medication that you don’t want to get lost with checked luggage.


Get Vaccinated

Staying healthy is important! If you’re traveling abroad, visit your doctor or travel medicine specialist at least 4-6 weeks before you leave to get the proper vaccinations and medicines previous to your trip. Whether you’re traveling or not, the primary protection during winter time is the influenza injection. If you get your yearly vaccination, you’ll  protect yourself against the flu and you’ll be 60% less inclined to need flu medication from a healthcare provider. You should get vaccinated at least two weeks before you travel because that’s the period necessary for the antibodies to develop in the body. Another important advice is to wash your hands constantly and to have with you disinfecting wipes to remove germs from commonly touched places like airplane tray tables.



Be Nice

Even though you can face unpleasant situations during traveling, try to keep your spirits high. Don’t forget to give your TSA agents, flight attendants, gate agents and even your fellow passengers some extra gentleness this season. Remember that these people face an incredibly high work volume and irritable travelers during this period of the year, so a little bit of kindness can go a long way and you won’t end up on Santa’s naughty list!


St. Louis Chauffeured Transportation for Executive Travel

We assure you that if you are traveling during the winter months, booking a limousine service in St. Louis can be one of the safest ways to get around town.

Corporate Transportation’s Chauffeurs receive continuous training in defensive driving, with emphasis on safety during icy or snowy conditions.

St. Louis Car Service’s fleet contains some four wheel drive vehicles that are ready to face all weather conditions in safe circumstances. You must not put your life in your own hands if you’re unfamiliar to St. Louis or to driving in winter weather when an expert chauffeur can drive you.


Book now!

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