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How to Stay Fit on the Road

Posted on: February 9th, 2016 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

stay fit on the road

If you travel often, you face a number of challenges. The good news is that you have viable solutions. For instance, instead of fighting traffic and parking, you can hire a St. Louis limousine company. In addition, rather than feeling run down or allowing yourself to get out of shape, you can take appropriate steps to stay fit, even while on the road.


Tips for Staying Fit


Whether traveling on business or for pleasure, it is important to stay fit. When on the road, you may not have access to gym equipment, roads and paths for jogging are no longer familiar, your sleeping routine is often disrupted, and you must depend on the cooking of others. For your next trip to St. Louis, Missouri, consider the following suggestions for taking care of yourself.


  • Healthy Eating—Start by making sensible choices when dining out. Even when entertaining important clients at a five-star restaurant, make healthy food choices. Rather than fried foods, choose something grilled or baked, ask for your salad dressing and sauces on the side, and focus on menu items that include fresh, steamed vegetables.


  • Getting Exercise—Even without the perfect setup, you can still exercise while on the road. If the hotel does not offer a fitness facility, use a limousine service in St. Louis to reach a nearby gym. You can also pack a good pair of running shoes and stay on well-lit sidewalks near the hotel, take advantage of the hotel’s swimming pool, and even do crunches, sit-ups, plank jacks, and lunges in your hotel room.


  • Walking—Without question, walking is a great way to stay in shape. For this, you can take stairs as opposed to elevators and even have the St. Louis limo driver park farther away from the building instead of dropping you off at the door, so you have the opportunity to walk.


  • Appropriate Snacking—In addition to standard meals, be mindful of snacks throughout the day. You want to snack on dehydrated or fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, string cheese, yogurt, and other healthy foods that do not contain a lot of fat or calories, but still increase your energy level.


  • Stay Hydrated—People who travel often forget the importance of staying hydrated. To stay in shape while on the road, it is essential to drink water for hydration and to flush toxins from the body and curb hunger.


Hiring a St. Louis Limousine Company


Something as simple as hiring a limousine in St. Louis will make your trip far more enjoyable. In addition to giving youa comfortable and stylish ride, using a St. Louis limo service is cost-effective and safe.

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