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How to Stay Safe when Traveling at Night

Posted on: September 11th, 2018 by Corporate Transportation No Comments


Crime rates tend to go up and down over time, but we really shouldn’t let it affect our lives negatively. If you love the freedom of going out at night and enjoying yourself, you can always take some precautions before leaving the house. We believe in safety when traveling too, so we’ve taken the liberty of listing down what you should know and practice for your own good:


Walk and Talk with Confidence

We’re not just asking you to project confidence, we’re also advising you to know exactly where you’re going and what you can do in a situation in order to put off any unwanted attackers. Walking with your head up also allows you to scan your surroundings a whole lot more, and it’ll give you a better chance of evading a surprise attack at any time.


Always Stay Alert

It’s easy to say, but if you’re wearing something that covers up your ears (hoody or earphones), you’re less likely to catch on to any weird or unfamiliar sounds around you. Even if you’re familiar with the area you’re walking in, it’s always good to be alert. If you prefer to talk on the phone with someone while walking home, you should also take precautions to listen to your immediate surroundings.


Carry Keys in Your Hand

Your keys, card, or remote control is pretty much useless unless it gets you indoors, and if you’re familiar and comfortable with the process, you’re less likely to be targeted by assailants. Of course, this isn’t a signal for you to announce to the whole world by jingling your keys loudly. Just remember to always be prepared and alert at all times.


Remember to Stay Calm

Attackers are usually counting on their targets panicking or not knowing what to do, so if you’re able to remain calm (even if it’s just on the surface), you’ll definitely be able to evade their attacks a whole lot more. When we’re able to stay calm, we’re also in a better position of assessing the situation and acting more appropriately.


Travel with Other People

Whether you feel safe in your neighbourhood or happen to be unfamiliar with your surroundings, it’s always good to have someone with you until you’re safely indoors. Assailants tend to pick on single targets as they’re much easier to overpower or threaten, so having even one person beside you can make all the difference. If there’s a whole group traveling together, all the better.


You should definitely keep and practice all the precautions listed out above for your own good, but for an even safer method when traveling outdoors, you can surely rely on our St. Louis car service. Our reliable and experienced chauffeurs have been fetching and dropping off customers for the longest time, so you can rest assured that they’re going to see you safely indoors too. Count on the best limousine service St. Louis has to offer!

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