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The Importance of Group Ground Transportation for your Corporate Events

Posted on: June 6th, 2017 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

group ground transportation

Your company is featuring some truly unique business events in the very near future, and you want to be absolutely sure that all of your employees, customers, and guests are in attendance. Providing ground transportation may be one of the best moves you can make to ensure a successful outcome. Some obvious benefits to this beneficial move can include:

Higher Attendance

When individuals are provided with transportation to and from their corporate events, they are much more likely to attend. For some, distance may be an issue. For others, it could be parking issues, lack of a vehicle, or a fear of driving in heavy traffic. Whatever the case, providing this luxury service to your staff, vendors, guests, or customers is sure to be a big hit.


By providing group ground transportation to everyone, you are consistent in your treatment of all of the staff and customers involved. They will feel that they are on equal ground with each other, making for more successful and productive corporate events.


Arriving and leaving events in a grand limousine or another type of ground transportation provides an immediate and comfortable atmosphere for bonding and networking. Co-workers and their counterparts will be able to engage in casual conversation and business deals while traveling to and from their destinations. Long-lasting friendships and business relationships will be formed in this relaxing and cozy mobile environment.

Safety and Reliability

When event attendees don’t have to worry about getting lost, becoming stuck in traffic, or appointing designated drivers, transportation becomes so much more dependable and safe. Individuals can travel to and from events with ease, and events can start on time because of the impeccable coordination of the service vehicles. Our chauffeurs are highly skilled and trained in driving and in providing superior customer service.


Giving your employees an extra perk such as our St Louis ground transportation can make them feel like your company really cares about their well-being. They will feel that it is a privilege to be provided with such luxury transportation.

Door-to-Door Service

Attendees will be so grateful that they will not have to walk from distant parking lots or pay excessive amounts for parking just to get to the corporate events. Our St Louis car service will drop them right at the entrance of the function and pick them up at a designated time later. This is especially handy in colder climates or when the weather unexpectedly turns bad with icy winds, snow, sleet, or rain.

Obviously, providing ground transportation for a business group as a whole can provide many benefits to the attendees. They will feel that they are an important and an integral part of the organization and that no expense was spared for their comfort and pleasure. Employees will more likely remain working for companies that provide perks such as this, and customers will put their trust and loyalty into a business that gives them extra-special treatment.

Although group tours have their advantages, they also have their share of problems. Learn how to avoid the most common problems with group transportation by reading the blog published by our New Jersey bus charters friends at Passaic Valley Coaches.

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