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Limousine vs Party Bus: Certain Events Call for Certain Transportation

Posted on: June 28th, 2020 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

limousine or party bus

So you’re having a big event and want to arrive in style? Of course you do!

Whether you show up in a party bus or limo, transportation can make your night even more special. But how do you know which type of service is better for your event?

Keep reading to learn whether you should rent a limousine or party bus and the pros and cons of each!

Occasions to Rent a Classic Limousine

Limousines are classic luxury cars, used for many types of events. They’re associated with famous celebrities, Hollywood and politicians for a reason. With big interiors and privacy, limousines are the perfect vehicle for many occasions.

One of the most well-known uses of a limo is for weddings. While planning a wedding can bring stress due to any detail from food to music, renting a limo allows couples to feel at ease. There’s enough privacy for them to have a moment alone.

Or if the bride arrives in a limo, for her to have a luxurious time before her big ceremony. The bride and groom may also want limos to ride in style for their bachelorette and bachelor parties. Adding this type of vehicle to a wedding emphasizes the importance and height of the day.

Another classic use of a limo that most teenagers don’t want to miss out on is prom night. Renting a limo from a trusted service to get to the dance in style is a special moment. They will likely want to take photos both outside of the car and inside the car.

Pros and Cons of a Limo

It’s well-known that limos mean glamor and whether you’re heading to your wedding or prom night, renting a limo and having a professional driver will make you feel special.

Limos also provide privacy by typically having tinted windows. They can also be more affordable than a party bus if you plan to arrive with only a few people. The intimate design of limos is perfect for special occasions that you want to remember forever.

But if you are planning on having a large event, perhaps the biggest con of a limo is that it’s smaller than a party bus. Limos typically hold about ten passengers. It’s also a formal car, which may not be the right transportation for every event.

So what are the right occasions to rent a party bus over a limousine?

Occasions to Rent a Fun Party Bus

If you’re renting a party bus, you may not even have a destination in mind. These buses can function as the party itself, or create a great pre-party to take your group to a big event.

If a limo is too fancy for your bachelor or bachelorette event, then a party bus might be the perfect transportation! Picture yourself and your friends dancing and having fun on the way to the club or bar with laser lights and a great sound system on the bus.

This keeps the party going as you hop around from place to place. You can also keep all your party gear and other essentials you want to bring on the bus. This also keeps you moving in a safe way by having a professional driver as your chauffeur throughout the night.

Another great use of a party bus is for a concert or other large event, like a big sports game.

If you are bringing a large group to a concert and are worried about getting stuck in traffic, you can create a fun time throughout the night by having a party bus. From the moment you get together with your group, you can start the party and have a perfect pre-show.

Pros and Cons of a Party Bus Rental

A party bus ensures that your group is maximizing their time together and having fun along the way to any event or bar. The extra room in a party bus allows you to bring all your friends, plus their guests, and ensure everyone has the space to have a great time.

These buses have a large capacity and depending on the package you select, you can even have up to 30 guests. With high ceilings and a great sound system, you can have the right atmosphere for a perfect night.

Party buses are cheaper for a large group to rent and can come with amenities like TVs and lasers, even fog machines. There’s also enough space for a private dance party!

But a party bus wouldn’t be right for your event if it’s meant to be more serious or even somber. Also, because they’re larger than a limo, it can be more expensive if you don’t have the people to fill it up. There’s also typically a higher cleaning fee associated.

Deciding between a limo or party bus is all about the event itself. What’s the vibe of the event and what kind of photos do you want to keep after? How many people will you have with you?

For whichever car you choose, you’ll have a professional driver and ensure that you’re having a safe event with your group!

Deciding Between a Limousine or Party Bus for Your Next Event

Are you still wondering if you should rent a limousine or party bus for your next event? The guide above will help you decide which is more appropriate for the occasion!

If you want a classic ride for a limited and private party, you can’t go wrong with a limousine. But if you’re looking to have fun all night with a large group and dance your way to your event, a party bus is the way to go.

Contact us today to learn more about pricing options and how we can fulfill all your transportation needs!

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