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Must-See Arts Events This Fall in St. Louis

Posted on: October 4th, 2016 by Corporate Transportation No Comments


The long-awaited great autumn weather is just a dream in St. Louis nowadays. The seasons aren’t clearly defined anymore: early fall seems to be early summer and late fall is basically spring, only with falling leaves instead of emerging ones. What remains unchanged is the fall arts season that withstands changes of climate or massive weather systems.


By this date, the local theater companies have already started rehearsing their season-opening shows and the musicians are preparing their instruments to ensure them a flawless opening night. Practices tend to be a little more imperative and the technical director’s cigarette breaks become shorter and shorter with each day. The premieres are closer than you think. Take our advice and book now your Limo Rental Service St. Louis, so that you can relax and enjoy the shows.



September 9-January 17


Both Mildred Lane Kemper Art Muse and Washington University’s Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts have their tenth anniversary this year. The two entities share a common party that opens up with “Real/Radical/Psychological: The Collection on display”, an exhibition that presents work drawn from the museum’s distant collection, which was started in 1881. Three curators have imagined the show to have three sections that explore how our ideas have changed about what’s real, what’s radical and what’s psychological (from an artistical point of view). The launching reception will have live music, open studios and demos by Sam Fox School artists, food trucks and a unique piece of work designed by alumnus Ebon G. Patterson in partnership with La Patisserie Chouquette.



September 16-December 31


Thanks to the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, the American artist Kelley Walker will have his first solo American museum show right here. The museum puts at his disposal the entire building with both old and new works. Walker enjoys exploring the manner in which an image travels from one culture to the next and how each of them perceives the image the moment it is theirs. Black Star Press, his new series, digitally prints chocolate (dark, white and milk) on canvas, illustrating images of racial conflict in a quite unusual medium. As you rotate the images in the series at 90 degrees, the power dynamic showcased is obscured, altered and eventually reversed.




October 8


The way dancers dress up is important because their costumes tell a visual story, even as they enhance (or slow down) their movements. The connection of fashion and motion is explored in “Vision: Where Ballet + Fashion Meet”, a Saint Louis Ballet show. Choreographers Tom Gold and Emery LeCrone combine both innovative thinking and classical ballet in two new pieces with the help of costume designers Emily Brady Koplar and Jordana Warmflash.



October 9


Prince was a unique talent and it’s difficult to acknowledge he’s gone. Conductor Brent Havens thought to pay an homage to Prince with the help of Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra. They will perform Minnesota Maestro’s greatest hits and most beloved songs like “When Doves Cry” and “U Got the Look”. Will Havens and company bring out some of that Black Album nastiness?



October 12-November 6


If you want to get the vibe of St. Louis, you can do it through the arts. You might be able to find what happened at a certain point in time through Department of Justice reports, long journalistic analyses, newscasts and oral histories, but true enlightenment can be found in a concert hall, in a gallery and on a stage. Pulitzer Prize finalist, playwriter Dael Orlandersmith, visited St. Louis to interview people who knew something about life in St. Louis during the tumult that followed Ferguson. Her mission was not to find the culpable or to exonerate anyone; she just wanted to find out what people of St. Louis had to say about St. Louis. The result was a play entitled “Until the Flood”, an intricate piece that tells the St. Louis story (in fact a series of stories) in a multitude of voices. The Repertory Theatre of Saint Louis contracted the work to give us a chance to hear ourselves think so let us take advantage of that.



October 13-29


The Rocky Horror Picture Show is that rare and very popular classic musical that deserves to be called “emblematic” — it’s so important that Fox channel is broadcasting a celebrity-studded version, live, this October. (Does that mean middle America is finally complacent with Dr. Frank N. Furter?) But to understand and really enjoy the show, you must see it in the original, theatrical form. Here Stray Dog Theatre comes to help. The company’s opening play of this new season is Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show, one of the best live experiences you can have on this planet. They have not made public the cast but if you’re an avid follower of local theater programs, you may have already realized who’s playing the good doctor. We don’t want to ruin the surprise but let’s just say it’s going to be funny.



October 16-January 8


The Saint Louis Art Museum prides itself in having one of the world’s largest collections of Meiji-period military art, thanks to a donation of more than 1,400 Japanese prints from Charles and Rosalyn Lowenhaupt. The exhibition “Conflicts of Interest: Art and War in Modern Japan” will include more than 180 objects that demonstrate the technical perfection of Japanese woodblock printing before the arrival of modern technological methods. You can admire many works made by Kobayashi Kiyochika, the acknowledged master of print art from the Meiji era.



October 22


F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu may be just another new version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula with a brutal monster replacing the suave vampire, but it’s a very smart made rehash. This silent film is moody and atmospheric and Max Schreck’s exceptional performance as the foul Count Orlock is truly spooky. We consider it to be even better with a new soundtrack. The Invincible Czars is the name of an Austin, Texas, band that has composed a modern musical arrangement for the film that incorporates music box, violin, xylophone and several other unusual instruments. Their music also includes Bela Bartok’s Romanian Folk Dances. You should dress up since the band encourage the audience to dress in Halloween-appropriate outfits for the screening; it will be an incredible night of sound and vision.

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