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Productivity Tips: Working while out of Office

Posted on: January 17th, 2017 by Corporate Transportation No Comments


Traveling is a great opportunity for all people especially business professionals. Transporting to any location is a proven way to relieve the stress caused by working in an office all day. What happens if you have no choice but to keep working while traveling or if you are traveling for work? The following list includes some productivity tips for working while out of the office will help you benefit from the stress-relieving potential of traveling with St Louis car service and get things done.

Planning Ahead Saves Time and Undue Stress

Before Traveling

Try to ensure that your trip progresses as smoothly as possible. Taking control of the things you can arrange, like requesting our St Louis Airport shuttle to transport you to your destination in a timely fashion, will save you time and allow you to stick to your task schedule.


Pack Office Clothes

One of the proven ways to maximize work productivity when working out of the office is to dress as if you are expected to be in the office at a certain time. Pack professional yet casual clothes to make your traveling a bit more comfortable than if you were working in an office. For example, you can exchange the suit for slacks, a button-down shirt, and sweater. Pack track pants and sweats to go check out a local gym (our chauffeurs know where the best ones are located) and evening attire for dinner meetings or some romantic time off.


During Your Trip Focus on Your Comfort and Being Efficient

Minimize Distractions to Increase Brain Power

Constantly checking email and feeling compelled to reply to every text message are huge time-wasters. When you sit down to work on a job-related task, take a few seconds to turn off your application notifications


Make Healthier Food Choices to Increase Energy and Focus

Our knowledgeable chauffeurs can advise you about where to find the healthiest ready-made foods or the best places to buy fresh items. Pick up a box of sandwich bags and spend a couple of minutes dividing the food among enough enough bags to ensure you always have a healthy way to boost your energy levels throughout the day.


Exercise Your Way

Enjoy the freedom of working outside the office and plan accordingly. Invest in a simple bag with wheels so you can take essential work items with you as you enjoy a refreshing walk in the park. Interchange walking for 20 minutes and finishing computer tasks for an hour. There are various models of work totes you can choose. Pick one that allows you to take your laptop and supplies out easily for increased freedom and mobility. Our spacious cars can accommodate whatever belongings you need to have with you and ensures you have ample leg room as well.


Take Mandatory Breaks

Studies also show that the human brain needs regular, short breaks to function optimally. Many people try to push themselves to work for 2 straight hours or more. Take short 10-minute breaks every hour to stretch and do something non-work related.



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