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How to pull off a great Thanksgiving Corporate Party

Posted on: November 23rd, 2016 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

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A leader knows that it’s important to celebrate holidays at work for motivation and team building.

Experts say that the creation of traditions in the workplace is imperative because traditions are as important in companies just as they are in families.

A holiday party builds positive morale which results in increased employee motivation. High confidence and motivation contribute to team bonding and productivity. Productive teams are responsible for the success of your organization.

More than a half of our customers are companies, organizations, and businesses that choose our chauffeured services for meeting and events, company’s parties and celebrations. Corporate Transportation St. Louis has been around more than a few business parties to know what needs to happen for the employees to feel motivated during a seasonal corporate party.

That being said we thought to share with you a few ideas to pull off an appropriate corporate celebration of Thanksgiving Day.

You probably can’t do this all by yourself, a boss has a lot on his plate, so feel free to designate a team that can help you plan this. On the plus side, you can bounce some ideas off of them; it’s good to know what your employees wish for.

Most people think at an office party. Thank you notes, a potluck, exchanging symbolic gifts, unique recipes, and just mingling. Simple as friends gathering but no drinking.  You know what? Don’t do that!

Most of them go home a cook two whole days for Thanksgiving for their families you want them to start even earlier? And no drinking? How can you call it a party then?

We did say Great Thanksgiving Corporate Party, right? So read on.

Step One

Choose a restaurant. A cozy restaurant with large tables and comfy seats. With a friendly atmosphere and of course delicious cooking.

Book it for the entire day. Talk to the staff about the menu and the drinks. Choose wisely and limit the alcoholic beverages. Make sure you have a full menu meaning gluten free courses, vegan courses, non-alcoholic cocktails.

Step Two

Plan activities. After the appetizers, ask everyone to hand out a thank you notes. Have a toast after the main course, thank everyone for their presence better yet have a short speech and let them know that you are thankful and happy for you being a great team. Try to show appreciation for each one reminding them at least one good thing that they did during the year.

It’s important to show them that you know their implication.

Step three

Book a St. Louis shuttle bus, or two. It’s important to book chauffeured services to know that everyone is getting home safe. This is another thing that you do for them to show how important they are for you. Make sure no one is driving themselves home.

Make sure you book them reliable chauffeured services, a provider that knows to handle all the details.

Corporate Transportation St Louis is the leading choice for bus shuttle service for your Thanksgiving corporate party.

We have one of the largest fleets of mini-coaches, with comfortable, forward-facing seating for up to 40 passengers.

The only thing that you will have to do now is to send them all email invites to let them know that this Thanksgiving Party is all about them.

If you want to know how to book Group Shuttle Service in St. Louis, please give our office a call at (314) 423- 1516. St Louis car service will gladly help your Thanksgiving Corporate Party.



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