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Most Romantic Restaurants in St. Louis Area

Posted on: September 13th, 2016 by Corporate Transportation No Comments


Beyond its wholesome Midwestern qualities, St. Louis is really a madly romantic city. Here you will discover a blend of the strong Southern influence and of the French heritage that governs many neighborhoods, all the cultures coexisting and creating an intoxicating mix. St. Louis is a place where you can have fun, a city in which both the blues and beer have long bloomed and where romance is in the air.

Some restaurants may be renowned for their great food but don’t appeal to your emotions. But the ones we have chosen have that unique feature that can impress a date: a light-studded patio, a roving musician or artistic garden. Here are our top 5 most romantic restaurants in St. Louis.


Aya Sofia

Your romantic dinner has the perfect set if it takes place in this restaurant’s warm-lighted dining room, with red highlights and thin, transparent draped compartments for better privacy. Even the appetizers (the hummus and tabbouleh, stuffed grape leaves and fried feta) are meant to be intimately shared, all perfectly culminating with baklava for dessert. Whether you plan on proposing or just enjoying happy hour with the crew from work, this is the place to go. A special item on the menu is the beef-and-lamb döner that appears across the menu, from salads to platters. Also, think about trying the iskender, a döner on a bed of pita with tomato and yogurt sauces, now with the improved version that has an authentic touch of a butter sauce. Other Turkish specialties like dolma, imam bayildi (a baked eggplant) or whole roasted lamb are also authentically cooked and served. This is a family business, the husband, chef Mehmet Yildiz and the wife, general manager Alicia Aboussie, plus the sommelier Jill Aboussie supervising the wine list.


Brasserie by Niche

Brunch is thought to be an American established custom, but it’s the perfect way to present the French influence at Gerard Craft’s Brasserie by Niche; you should expect to find on the menu quiche, beignets and eggs en cocotte. Meanwhile, the dinner menu offers very accurate interpretations of bistro-style steak frites, onion soup or croque madame. The menu tries to avoid French terms unless there’s no English translation (for example, the dish called cassoulet with duck confit, tomato, sausage and white beans) or when the French meal name simply sounds better (tender, wild Burgundy escargots). Even if the traditional meals usually remain unbeatable (for ex, desserts like profiteroles and crème brûlée), sometimes there are dishes where the kitchen’s creativity surpasses the traditional approach. Wines are mostly French, though North American selections that go together well with the cuisine are also available. Don’t forget to try the European-influenced cocktails which include seasonal specials.



This restaurant is situated eight floors over the riverfront and it might not be the highest restaurant in St. Louis, but it’s really impressive because of its floor-to-ceiling windows and expansive rooftop deck. The menu is Mediterranean on the Mississippi, with Italian-trained chef Fabrizio Schenardi adding a personal touch to all kinds of pasta and a selection of shellfish. We can’t recommend the sautéed rapini or the truffle-Parmesan chips as the dishes—anchored by a massive rib-eye—adhere less strictly to Italian interpretation. The servers are attentive and enthusiastic to please, though they may be pretty overwhelmed on busy nights. Despite the fact that Cielo is placed in a hotel, it draws plenty of curious locals, eager to see the view over the Gateway Arch, especially after dark.


Dominic’s Restaurant

Dominic is a classic Italian venue that provides little innovation but rather gives you the possibility to try the famous tenderloin carpaccio, the double pork chop with caramelized onions, the osso buco and veal saltimbocca. Try the pastas and the appetizers, but make an effort to save room for dessert, because the tiramisu, the wedding cake and the flambés are worth it. The strong wine list is constantly amended but Italian labels prevail. Dominic’s is opulent not only because of its price or décor ( chandeliers, brocaded walls, golden-framed landscapes), but in the way the staff behaves towards the customers. Dominic Galati, always elegant and composed, tries to shape up his employees to be the same.



St. Louis is the perfect place for rising culinary talent to emerge so Ben Poremba, chef/owner at Elaia (and its sister wine bar Olio), has stepped into the ring with a daring first restaurant. In a rehabbed house seating only about 30 customers, he enthusiastically offers a true charcuterie from his other business, artisanal meat curer Salume Beddu, alongside innovative dishes like ceviche of opah (moonfish), spaghetti with pig ear, charred thumb-size octopi and pickled herring with beets, apples,  blackberries and buckwheat. Don’t miss the playful interpretations of Mediterranean classics or the vegetables that show up in unexpected preparations. Impressively, the wine list is on par with the unique food thanks to general manager Andrey Ivanov, who is also a certified advanced sommelier. Desserts should not be overlooked as they include recipes such as the cloud-like chouquette from the bakery across the street.


Giovanni’s on the Hill

The first thing you will notice is that the menu is filled with illustrious named dishes like pappardelle alla Bella Oprah and farfalline del Presidente Reagan. Although the customers, largely professionals and people celebrating special occasions, tend to dress and act the part according to the distinguished atmosphere, there is a certain feeling of welcome simplicity to be found underneath the chandeliers and paintings. Have some plump crustacean with tomato, basil and wine and feel like eating at a seaside café in Palermo. Capellini abounds only in olive oil, garlic and Parmesan. If it comes to the veal entrées, our favorite happens to be the same with the house specialty, having a rich white wine sauce plus prosciutto and Fontina. The traditional end to an Italian meal here on the hill is obviously an exceptional tiramisu. Wines are high-caliber but not overpriced. Black-tie waiters can sometimes be overwhelmed, but owner Giovanni Gabriele steps up as host of the elegant space and also his son, Frank, in the kitchen.


Planning the Perfect St. Louis Night Out with St. Louis Date Night Limo Service

You have the opportunity of an evening out on the town with your love. If you’re looking for ways to make the night even more special, there’s nothing more romantic than being driven in a limousine. You can relax and try to reconnect, to enjoy your time together, while being safely chauffeured in a luxurious St. Louis date night limo. Corporate Transportation is the top provider of luxury sedans, limousines or SUVs, for your night out on the town. Just relax and have the time of your life because we’ll take care of chauffeuring you safely to your destinations.

We know that people are different and therefore their preferences are not alike when it comes to how to spend an evening out with limousine service in St. Louis. But our expert VIP night out specialists are thrilled to help you by giving recommendations on our favorite venues. We’ve discovered that the most commonly requested activities for a St. Louis night out are the following:


An evening of dancing

Dinner and drinks

Tickets to the ballet or the symphony


Sometimes, you just want to simply show someone special that you care by reserving a St. Louis date night limo. Just give us the perfect itinerary to Corporate Transportation or we will be happy to come up with assistance planning your events for the particular evening.

Limousine service St. Louis can provide the best transportation and ambiance for a romantic proposal. Don’t worry, our chauffeurs are professionals and will keep it a secret if you want. We can help you create a memorable evening by also providing roses and a champagne toast if you request it.

Everyone must have the opportunity of enjoying a relaxing and luxurious St. Louis date night. Start planning a memorable date night out on the town by giving us a call at (314) 423-1516.

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