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Seal the deal at your business dinner

Posted on: December 6th, 2016 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

Group of business discussing and brainstorming of work in the office

As a business ourselves, we might know a few tips when it comes to this. Dining and wining with a potential client is a delicate process, you need to manage the fine print and never underestimate.

Nowadays the competition is at your table, you drink a glass of wine and think about what to do next, it’s all about atmosphere.

If you are planning  a business dinner read on and discover some useful tips and trick.. We want to share it with so read on and discover

Selecting the restaurant

To ensure that you don’t fail before you start, choose a restaurant that you know, trust and has an excellent reputation. What you’re looking for above all is great service. You should also not overlook any diet requirements that your guest may have.


Needless to say that you need to find a mutually suitable time for dinner. Try and think wider here to ensure that you don’t clash with a sporting event. Never schedule for a Friday.

Settle payment before you sit down

The last thing you want to do is argue over who pays the check, at the end of the meal the thing you should be focusing is closing the deal.

Make sure you speak to the restaurant about payment in advance and don’t forget the tip.

Arrive early

You need to be there early so that you can greet your guest and so that you can ensure the staff knows who you are.

Be kind to the restaurant staff

Poor service can ruin the chances of success of your business dinner this is why we mentioned in the first place to book a nice restaurant. But if your attitude is not ok you might piss off one of the waiters. A bad experience might happen because you annoy your waiting staff. Be kind to the staff and do not make inappropriate comments.

Don’t go for a hard sell

Take some time to enjoy some small talk and then wait until the moment is right to move on to the topic at hand because nothing will turn off potential clients quicker than the hard sell.

Get the little things right

Table manners matter at these sorts of meetings as does etiquette. Make sure you are immaculate in your manners.

Win before you even begin

By ensuring that a professional chauffeured service will escort your client, you can make a massive success before they’ve even met you.

This is a particularly good idea if alcohol is concerned.

Corporate Transportation St. Louis is a ground transportation that strives to deliver responsible and top quality travel solutions. We hope that these tips are of use and can offer one further certainty: if you need both reliable and impressive ground transportation call us.

We offer you the best St Louis Car Service and the peace of mind that your business dinner will go flawlessly.

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