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How to Set Reasonable ROI Expectations for Business Travelers

Posted on: September 9th, 2016 by Corporate Transportation No Comments


Corporate travel has been known to help companies increase their earnings. There is always a high possibility to gain a lot whether you are sending one of your sales people to close a deal, a representative to a trade show or executives to networking events.

A study carried out by the U.S. Travel Association revealed that the majority of businesses earn around $12.50 in additional revenue for each dollar spent on business travel. In comparison to those, companies that don’t have corporate travel programs had an average overall loss of 17% of their profits for the year. This difference shows the importance of strategic work related trips.

There are still some travel managers and financial executives who struggle to set return on investment forecasts for business trips, especially when the company’s travel program has just lifted off. So it’s important to set stimulating, but achievable goals for your traveling representatives if you want your company to achieve its targets.

Of course that some of these benefits will be correlated with higher and more obvious ROI than others. If some key business people travel to visit an important client and upsell their current spend, this will likely produce higher returns. But if you’re sending a team to a training conference, this may have lead to future benefits, but it won’t emanate clear, direct ROI. The Travel Association’s studies demonstrated that, on average, customer meetings brought in an $15 up to $20 for every dollar spent, while conventions and trade shows generated around $4 to $6 in returns.


Take Traveler Needs into Account

A manager normally expects that employees stay productive while they’re on the road, but within reasonable limits. Your employees may have six hours of spare time during a trip, but that doesn’t mean they can work as they normally do. Traveling can have both a mental and physical impact, so it’s necessary to give your traveling representatives time to recover on their work trips. They’ll also need time to pass through security, check into their hotels, investigate the destination and prepare for the business meetings, so take all these elements into consideration.

In addition, you should discuss what extra tasks or projects you would want your travelers to complete while being on the road, receive managerial feedback on what’s doable and adjust your ROI expectations in accordance.

“Travel policies play a key role in ROI.”


Review Company Travel Policies

The returns from business trips also depend on your company’s travel policies. Concur stated that in 2012, the average cost paid by an American corporate traveler for a dining transaction was around $40. Consider the fact that your company might have room to cut back costs and increase ROI if, for instance, it allows its employees to spend $150 on food expenses daily. You can implement a similar logic to airfare, ground transportation, hotel and entertainment costs as well.


Making business travel work for everyone

Employers assess each trip as a unique experience before establishing tasks and objectives for traveling delegates. Planning in advance is recommended since it gives both parties the possibility to express their point of view over what happens and it also helps to protect against liability or damages.

Plan for unpredictable events. Remember to take into consideration possible flight delays, cancellations or any city-specific issues if you’re planning a trip. Assign some extra time for commuting if your employees must travel to a location where special events are taking place.

Encourage downtime. Being well-rested is essential for being efficient. If you want your employees to focus and do their best during a presentation or a meeting, make sure that they feel rested and relaxed.

Stay flexible. There’s also the possibility to encounter roadblocks even if you have planned and prepared everything in advance. You should be ready to adapt and accept assignments a day late, or even spare your traveling employees of certain tasks. We consider it to be more important for them to feel rested and confident than to perform a minor task that you’ve given.

Remember, traveling employees are the reflecting image of your organization while they’re on the road. To provide an accurate representation of you and your company, they have to do their best and they can’t do that while being tired or stressed employees. Don’t think that ROI always means cash in hand. It’s equally important for any organization to build healthy relationships and to make connections.


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