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Why St. Louis is perfect for business travel

Posted on: July 25th, 2017 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

business travel

The midwestern city of St. Louis is quickly becoming a popular destination for business travel. Cheaper than larger metropolitan areas like Chicago and definitely less hectic than trying to get around in New York City, St. Louis is an affordable and enjoyable option for your next business trip. Here are just a few reasons why St. Louis (or as it’s affectionately known by the locals, “St. Louie”) is the best city for business travel.

  1. Easy Transportation

The most stressful thing to deal with on a business trip is transportation. Trying to navigate a new city and rush to the next meeting makes your life more frustrating than it needs to be. Taking public transit is never reliable and often a dirty and anxiety-inducing experience. With our St. Louis car service, we make it easy to get around the city. Our hired chauffeurs are experienced customer service professionals who make your business itinerary their priority.

If you’re looking for a more luxurious option – perhaps you need to impress a client – reserve our limousine service in St. Louis for the weekend. We always provide clean and comfortable vehicles so you can relax as you work.

  1. Affordable Lodging Rates

It’s hard for your business to save money when it has to put up employees at expensive hotels. In St. Louis, you don’t have that problem. Their hotel rates are significantly lower than most big cities with plenty of high-quality options. The city is used to accommodating business travelers. It won’t be hard to find a hotel that has everything you need: affordable rates, complimentary breakfast, conference rooms, fine dining restaurants to entertain clients, and a bar to enjoy that hard-earned drink after a long day.

  1. City of Start-Ups

St. Louis is truly business-minded. The city favors and supports new entrepreneurial businesses. Millions of dollars every year are funneled into new and growing companies with an emphasis on tech and biotech start-ups. St. Louis is a great place to do some networking with new and innovative companies. Business conferences are held throughout the year, helping to bring businesses together and form new partnerships. If you’re looking for a city that will help your company expand, St. Louis is a great place to find new and exciting opportunities.

  1. Great Food Scene

Part of traveling for business means finding your favorite coffee, lunch, and dinner spot. St. Louis has all three covered. There’s a coffee spot at almost every corner with many cafes that roast their own coffee and make it taste great. Downtown St. Louis is full of great lunch locations as well. You can easily find a place to grab a quick bite to eat that will keep you going throughout your day. The real fun comes when you get to pick out a restaurant for dinner. St. Louis has award-winning dining options all around the city. Be sure to find a place serving up some famous St. Louis ribs and barbecue!

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