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How to Stop Working too Much and Get Even Better Results

Posted on: September 5th, 2017 by Corporate Transportation No Comments


Even though maintaining a St Louis car service is a lot of work, we absolutely love it. We take pride in every positive outcome that comes our way and over the years we have picked up some valuable lessons about efficiency. We believe our positive attitude is the reason for our success. And because we know what it feels like to be so dedicated to your work that it becomes all you think about, here are our main tips on how to reduce the workload for better results.

  • Time management is key

Working smarter will increase your productivity. This means you won’t have to spend more time working. Instead, manage your time better so as to be more productive. A great way to do this is to prioritize the most important tasks of the day and simply let everything else go. Make a list of the top 3 imperative things you have to get done and focus on those.

  • Reassess your sleeping patterns

Our limousine service in St Louis offers our clients a chance to really relax and take it easy in a pleasant environment. Which brings us to our next important element you should consider for better results: sleep. A lot of emphasis is put on the quality of sleep nowadays. This is a result of people noticing the side effects of sleep deprivation more and more.

Naps can be life-savers in terms of giving you a much needed boost and also keeping your energy reserves full. Don’t rely on caffeine, which eventually drains your supply of vitality. Even a 15 minute nap can do wonders for your productivity, so try to incorporate more sleep in your daily (and nightly) schedule.

  • Just say no

It’s ok to say no from time to time. It’s great when tasks come your way because this means you are doing a great job and people want your services. The St Louis limo rental we offer is a prime example of just that. However, when you spread yourself too thin, you tend to reduce the quality of your work. Learn how much you can handle and say no if needed. You will start noticing great improvements in no time.

  • Break it down

In spite of the previous point, let’s say you did take on a few more tasks than you feel comfortable with and you are starting to feel overwhelmed. The best thing to do in this case is to take everything one step at a time. Visualizing the big picture will only increase your stress levels. Start with the first task and work your way to the next one.

  • Don’t let yourself go

You should never neglect your personal needs. Observe how you react in various situations in order to get to know exactly what you need, when you need it. We all have different requirements, depending on our personality and character. For example, some people have a fear of flying, while others love trying all ways of traveling in style wherever they go, whether it’s a plane, a yacht or a St Louis airport shuttle.

  • Always keep an open mind

Make a plan, but don’t get stuck in it. Sometimes you need to be spontaneous. A routine can be great for you. However, when it starts pulling you back, it might be time for a change. Repetitively can kill your drive and limit creativity. So it might be beneficial to think up some changes to the way you normally do things and see if it helps relieve the pressure.

  • Pat yourself on the back

Meditate on your accomplishments. In the end, we all need to remind ourselves of what went right. A daily journal is perfect for this hobby. Simply writing down as much as a phrase a day will help you acknowledge the fact that you are doing things right.

  • Imperfections make the world perfect

Being a perfectionist is overrated. Everyone wants great results nowadays. Nonetheless, achieving perfection is neither possible nor really recommended. Learn to appreciate the little imperfections in life. They bring a little character and charm to every person and businesses as well.

  • Receiving support is a life lesson

Don’t be too proud to ask for help. When you feel overwhelmed, the best thing you can do is to let others help you. Turn to someone you know you can trust and find a productive way to use teamwork to get the job done. Remember that in case you need a St Louis ground transportation service you can rely on, we are here for you as well.

We hope our take on how to increase productivity and feel better in the process has inspired some helpful ideas. Good luck achieving your optimal productivity goals!

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