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What Stresses Out Business Travelers the Most?

Posted on: July 26th, 2016 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

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Consider the fact that even though you are traveling in the best conditions, this can be a stressful event. Therefore, when you’re traveling for work, that stress is multiplied.


A recent survey applied on more than 4,500 business travelers in eight different countries revealed the most stressful aspects of business traveling, among those being logistical accidents like missing a flight due to human errors such as lost luggage. 93 percent of the respondents admitted that they felt stressed at a certain point during their trip.

Here are the worst-case scenarios travelers are afraid of:


Losing a company-owned device.

The study showed that 12 percent of traveling representatives fear the fact of losing a phone or any object that’s the company’s property. By losing company property while traveling (by plane, by car, overseas or not), you’ll look reckless to your colleagues, to your bosses and you will be liable to replace the item. It’s a stress double-whammy.


Meetings being canceled

Another 16 percent of business workers are stressed about canceled meetings, while others are nervous at the thought of presenting to or meeting with people that they’ve never met.

IT setup and whether devices will work

Slightly worse than the previous two reasons is the fear that the technology won’t function properly, a fact stated by 17 percent of survey takers. A technical malfunction would worry them even at home, but technical problems on the road are even more distressing.


Losing important documents

Once again, losing something crucial appears to be on the list of stressful events. So, 18 percent of business travelers are afraid of misplacing their own possessions (the passport or presentation documents). With so many other details on their mind, like struggling to find their way around or speaking in multiple foreign languages, people who travel have the tendency to worry about leaving something they need behind. Don’t forget to photocopy any important document.


Unfamiliar surroundings

For many people, the unknown is a source of anxiety; therefore unfamiliar environment can create nervousness. Don’t be surprised that 21 percent of business travelers admitted being stressed just by traveling in a new place.


Getting around

The idea of getting lost in a new location seriously stresses 18 percent of road warriors. Despite the fact that GPS systems in smartphones and cars diminish this possibility, this thought can’t be shaken off by business travelers across the globe.


Missing a flight or a train

The worst thing that could happen was established to be not getting to your destination at all. Almost 32 percent of the survey takers confess being afraid of missing a flight or a train. It seems that, if travelers can make it on time to their plane or train, the worst is over.

This is the reason for which Corporate Transportation St. Louis thought to create for busy corporate travelers St. Louis Airport Car Service.

The idea of airport car service is logical. St. Louis airport car service is the easiest way to get there, no matter if you’re arriving or departing from Lambert airport. Our transport services are based on your need for convenience, a unstressful experience and reliability. We guarantee you no parking fees, no waiting time and the most efficient terminal-side service at Chesterfield Airport, St. Louis Lambert Airport, St. Louis Downtown or any other airport destinations across the globe.


While in town for business you may found  useful  St. Louis Chauffeured Transportation for Executive Travel

Business travel can be a pretty uncertain activity. Unexpected weather conditions, delayed flights or any other events can destroy your plans for the perfect trip even before you land. Corporate Transportation limo service employees are quite accustomed to Midwest winters and the chaos they can bring to your travel itinerary. By reserving St. Louis car service, you can assure yourself stability. Corporate Transportation’s clientele has the guarantee that their chauffeur will be punctual, wearing an appropriate uniform and be professional at all times, all while driving the highest quality St. Louis limousines.


Elevate Your Executive Travel to St. Louis

You’ve gained the right to boost your executive travel experience with Corporation Transportation. Observe the difference we have to offer and make us your first choice in chauffeured transportation. To find out more about Corporate Transportation’s fleet, guarantees, company culture or pricing models, call us at (314) 423-1516.

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