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Team-Building Ideas for Bigger Business Success

Posted on: August 2nd, 2016 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

business success

Nowadays, to be able to fit in and be successful at your workplace, you must have the following traits:






Out of these three qualities, the last is the most important feature to adopt in today’s workplace, but many people still struggle to attain it.

Connecting with your colleagues at an emotional level and giving each other the impression of solidarity can help you work better as a team, be more productive and even enjoy the time spent at work. We will provide you with some ideas on how you can become a better team player at your workplace or in the business world.


Learn to Listen

Efficient communication is based on the simple act of listening, so it’s imperative to carefully listen at the office. You must be aware of your teammates’ ideas regarding a project, but you also have to know how you can collaborate with them, mix both of your thoughts and interact with them based on their feedback.

When your colleague states his opinion, double-check that you understand what they are trying to express. That is why you might want to reiterate what you think you heard back to them, so there is no misinterpretation. You won’t believe it how often you say a thing and someone hears an entirely different thing.

When you are a part of a team and you want to function efficiently, you must be prepared to face the possibility of some developing pains, especially if the team isn’t familiar with a certain task or project. When you go into a project being reconciled with the idea that everyone is adapting and learning together, you’ll be less inclined to discriminate someone and point the finger when something isn’t working right. Look at everybody’s work as a collective effort which brings collective achievements and endeavors. Be willing to learn from each setback and you’ll witness how your teamwork becomes more and more efficient with each task received.


Know Your Team Members

It’s also essential to know your teammates and each one’s particular assets and flaws. Once you know what your teammates are good or not so great at, you’re more capable to efficiently communicate with them, keeping in mind the things that make them react or what kind of reinforcement is adequate for their personality and affectability.


Adjust Your Body Language

To have a good communication with your colleagues, it’s important to keep your body language welcoming, open and relaxed. A hostile body language is a serious obstacle to open communication and a productive exchange of ideas and concerns. If you have a relaxed and open body language, your coworkers won’t be afraid to speak up, respond to your ideas and bring their improvements to the subject. Here are some examples that include:


Facing away from your teammates when they talk to you


Crossing your arms


Hostile body language can quickly suppress the open communication and teamwork.


Be at Your Best


Take into consideration the fact that, when you’re functioning at your best, you’re a great example to your colleagues. Making sure that you’re always on time, taking attentive notes and making valuable additions to conversations will make you seem trustworthy and a real asset to your team, even if you don’t want to be seen as the leader in a given situation. Who knows, you might be an inspiration for them and they will do their best, as well.

It’s no easy task to be part of a team, especially when you’ve worked on your own most of your professional life. Therefore, it can be challenging to learn to listen, continually communicate and collaborate in an efficient way with others. So try to follow these few easy suggestions, as well as research for more team-building strategies to achieve team building success and be the team member you always wanted to be.


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