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The Best Corporate Transportation Tips for Travel Managers

Posted on: March 13th, 2018 by Corporate Transportation No Comments


Being a travel manager does have its ups and downs, but with enough expertise and support, you’ll definitely be enjoying more successful trips as time goes by. When it comes to last minute changes and cancellations, things can get a little hectic if you’re handling it all by yourself and there really is no guarantee that your plans might not just fizzle out.

As an experienced company, our St. Louis ground transportation service is always up for handling the many tasks and issues that might come our way. In fact, we’ve keenly honed our skills over the years in order to provide each and every one of our customers with the safest and most comfortable rides ever.

If you’re interested to know how else you can better serve the people you’re planning for, just take a look at some of our best tips below:


Time Management is Essential

 Rather than trying to juggle all kinds of information in your head and relying solely on yourself to make any trip successful, you should delegate certain tasks to a trusted corporate transportation partner. Time management is essential for any travel manager to master and it’s even more important when flights and other types of transportation are involved.


Consider Your Options

 It might sometimes seem that taking a flight is the best solution for travel between two locations, but that’s really not always the case. If the location you intend to travel to is just about an hour apart by car, you might actually save more time with a reliable ground transportation partner instead of wasting your time lining up at the airport.


Branding is Important

Different events, role positions and number of people require different types of transportation and your corporate transportation partner should be able to provide you with the counsel and vehicles you need. If you’re planning a trip for a high-level executive, you’re going to need a comfortable smaller vehicle, but if you’re thinking to fit six people into one ride, you’ll need to be able to discuss the logistics as well as arrange for it all to happen.


Have a Backup Plan in Place

Even if you’re not familiar with Murphy’s Law, you’re probably already aware that if things can go wrong, they will probably go wrong. Rather than leaving problem solving till the last minute and jeopardizing your well-laid plans, it would be best to get a reliable corporate transportation partner who would be able to go over the final details with you and iron out any obvious kinks.

Our corporate limo service St. Louise specializes in seamless planning and attention to details, so every journey we are trusted with goes perfectly.


Sign a Long-Term Contract

 Getting a contract going, be it a monthly, quarterly or yearly one, is surely the way to go to ensure that your travel plans proceed smoothly with minimal interruption. Not only will you be able to reap the benefits of a long-term contract, you’ll also be able to build a solid relationship with a single partner instead of going through the hassle of continuously trying out different companies.

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