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The Parents’ Guide to a Stress-Free St. Louis Prom

Posted on: February 20th, 2014 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

From Limos to Schedules, Your 2014 Prom Guide

St. Louis prom limoAs the parent of a teen, there are many stressful events that come up throughout the school year. From keeping your kids on track with their grades to making sure that they’re driving safely after they get their licenses, the potential stressors never seem to end.

As springtime inches ever closer, you’ve probably heard your fair share of prom-related talk from your teen, whether it’s which dress or tuxedo they’ve got their eye on or the restaurant where they would like to eat (with you footing the bill, of course). While prom is a fun and exciting time for both teens and parents, and you definitely want your teen to have the time of their life, the safety precautions that such an event require are hardly as fun or lighthearted.

As your teen’s St. Louis prom approaches, having the right safety measures in place is the only way to keep your sanity when the big night arrives. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to St. Louis prom limos, and making sure your kids are safe while they have fun, take a look at our list of ideas below.

Don’t Skip the St. Louis Prom Limousine

Many parents think of St. Louis prom limos as expensive, unnecessary additions to their child’s prom experience, when in actuality, limousines and chauffeured cars can play a huge role in upping the safety of your child’s prom experience.

Consider the statistics on teen driving, including risk taking behaviors, likelihood of wrecks and other alarming risk factors. Add into those statistics the fact that prom is a special circumstance, one wherein teens often have an inflated sense of self-confidence and often acquire an even more daring attitude towards being behind the wheel, especially if they’re driving a group of friends and want to show off.

Letting your teens drive themselves on prom night is simply not the best idea, for both the reasons we’ve listed and many more. Booking a St. Louis prom limo for your teen ensures that their commutes to and from the restaurant, prom destination and any after parties are handled by a professional driver who is familiar with the area and will be in strict contact with you throughout the night to make sure that everything is going to plan.

Let your teen choose their vehicle and bring their friends along for the ride. You’ll have peace of mind and they’ll have the memory of riding around in a stretch St. Louis prom limousine on one of the biggest nights of their life.

Communicate Every Detail

Another thing that makes parents nervous is the thought that they won’t be able to reach their children throughout the night. While you don’t want to badger your teen while they’re at prom, you do want to know that mandatory check-ins will be made and that if you need to call them to communicate something, you’ll be able to get in touch.

Communication on a night as big as prom is a big part of keeping your teen safe and keeping your own peace of mind. Get a list of phone numbers of the destinations where your teen can be reached and be vigilant over your own phone throughout the night so you can always be reached should an emergency arrive.

Referee the After Parties

After parties are one of the most worrisome things about prom season. Not only do parents worry that their children are going to unsupervised parties where drugs or alcohol will be available, but they also worry that their children will be taking joy rides in the cars of other teens who have been drinking.

The first step to ensuring that your teen’s after-prom party experience is both safe and supervised, make sure that you have the destinations of all of the places they plan to go and the phone numbers of those destinations.

If you and other parents are truly worried that your kids don’t have a safe space to go after prom, consider renting a venue and throwing a special after-prom party where kids can go, enjoy each other’s company and stay up until dawn, all without the threat of being on the road or finding themselves at a dangerous party.

Prom is a magical time, but can also be a dangerous one. Being prepared for your teen’s prom this year begins with communication and making sure that clear boundaries are set for after party plans. Book a St. Louis prom limo to ensure that their commutes around town are chauffeured by a responsible professional driver, and prom should be a fantastic experience for everyone involved.

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