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Tips for a Memorable Corporate Fun-Day

Posted on: August 15th, 2017 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

fun day

Perhaps you are thinking about rewarding your employees for all their hard work with an exciting day out with their families. Or you simply want to boost your team’s cohesiveness with a fun-filled day outside the office. Either way, you have a lot to think about if this is going to be an enjoyable and memorable event.

Usually, corporate events mean that you all get to grab a couple of drinks together. While there is nothing wrong with that, this can be monotonous and cliché. To make your corporate day out a memorable event that will leave your employees truly eager for the next one, consider these four simple tips.

Establish a Theme

Now, we’re not suggesting that you have a full-on Halloween party in July, but it’s a very good idea to have a casual theme going on to loosen everyone up a bit. For example, you could give the event a festival theme if you want lots of excitement. Or you could also use the season to inspire the theme. Think summertime barbecues. Alternatively, you could make it even simpler and time your event around a holiday. Think 4th of July theme. Whatever theme you go by, the important thing here is to keep the mood super casual and fun.

Evoke Anticipation

This is the Chemical X of your whole event. People have to look forward to it. So, you need to create a buzz around the whole thing to build up anticipation. One sure way to do this is to invite a local band everyone is going to be excited to see. Another way to create a buzz is to divide the lot into teams in preparation for a friendly football match then stirring up some pre-match banter. Whatever you do, just get everyone excited about the event. Get creative!


The location is also essential to consider. If your employees are going to be accompanied by their families, an outdoor location with inflatable games, a swimming pool, and rides would be great to keep the kids occupied while the grown-ups mingle. The goal is to choose a location where everyone is free to enjoy themselves.

Hire a Chauffeur

It would not be a corporate event if you didn’t share a drink or two with your employees, would it?

Apart from the risk of getting arrested for a DUI, the safety of your employees and their families ought to be paramount. Consider using our limousine service in St Louis to transport your staff to and from the venue safely, and in style. Besides, it will give your employees peace of mind and give them a chance to loosen up without worrying about the journey home.

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