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Tips for Being Productive in the Air

Posted on: May 4th, 2016 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

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Business travel is hard work. It’s draining and demanding; so being productive, on top of traveling, isn’t always at the top of our list.

And yet, there are times when simply getting to your seat, buckling up and enjoying your flight is not an option. For those extra busy times, here are a few tips to help you become more productive on your next business flight.

Make a list

Write down everything that needs to be done and decide which tasks are the most do-able while on the plane. You may even consider giving yourself the more mundane and lighter tasks to do so as not to kill the in-flight morale.

Plan ahead

Once you have your list, get your supplies together. You can’t get work done if you don’t bring the right paperwork and a pen in your carry on.

Plan for no internet! Although many of our favorite airlines now include access to the internet, it can be costly and often unreliable. Do yourself a favor and plan ahead. Download documents, print-screen information, etc. Make sure you have what you need to work.

Skip the alcoholic beverages

If you really want to be productive, consider a bottle of water rather than an in-flight cocktail. Water will keep you alert, refreshed and feeling good. Alcohol will not help to be productive on your tasks.

Take a break

There’s no point in running yourself into the ground with work. If you feel your mind starting to drift, get up and move around a bit or consider a light snack. Getting up for a few minutes will refocus your mind and help you fight off a nap.

Plan to indulge

You worked hard in-flight, so if you get a chance to get out of your hotel room, take it. Enjoying a few hours in a new city is always a great reward for getting through some work during the flight.

And finally, stay determined!

Make sure you stay productive on your way to the hotel if you are having a business meeting right after your flight.

Choose a ground transportation provider that will help you to finish in silence your tasks. Choose Corporate Transportation, Your St. Louis Limousine Service

Airport car service makes sense. Whether you’re arriving or departing from Lambert STL, St. Louis airport car service is the easiest way to get there. Corporate Transportation’s airport transfer options are based on your need for convenience, a stress-free experience and reliability. We promise our passengers no waiting time, parking fees, and the most efficient terminal-side service at St. Louis Lambert airport, Chesterfield Airport, St. Louis Downtown, and other airport destinations worldwide.


You Deserve Chauffeured Transportation

Airport transportation isn’t always simple, and most options are far from convenient. Mass airport shuttle service is among the most popular options, but you may struggle to work while sharing your ride with other passengers. Additionally, you could find yourself running behind schedule before you reach the terminal due to frequent stops. Cab service can be highly unreliable, and the quality of the passenger experience can range from acceptable to questionable. Rental cars can come with their own host of issues, which include long lines at the service counter, and the difficulty of needing to navigate and find parking in an unfamiliar city.

While driving yourself to the airport may seem like the most cost-effective option, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the price can add up. With fees as high as $23-30 per day for preferred spots at major airports, the costs can quickly exceed the price you pay for St. Louis airport car service. With any airport transportation option, it’s critical to consider your own time commitment and the lost productivity hours you sacrifice when you’re behind the wheel, or sharing your ride with other passengers.


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