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Travel Essentials for Stress Relief

Posted on: March 28th, 2017 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

travel essentials

Our St. Louis limo service chauffeurs know a thing or two about stress relief. Our experience and dedication to our valued clients give us the opportunity to learn more about personal and corporate travel with each service, and we’ve learned a few tips regarding stress relief when you’re on the road. Our clients share their tips with us, we share them with other clients, and we even use these tips when we take the time to travel with our own families. Travel is stressful enough, but one delayed flight, one day of inclement weather, and jet lag take a toll. These travel essentials are perfect to help you relieve some stress and really enjoy yourself.



Before you step foot on any flight or in any car service, grab a bottle of water to take with you. Dehydration can make your life miserable on the road, and having water available helps you prevent the onset of dehydration. Don’t worry if you drink your water on your flight and forget to grab another bottle before our car service picks you up. We keep it ready for our clients to help make you more comfortable.


Ear Buds or Headphones

Some people thrive on the noise and chatter around them while traveling, and other people find it distracting. Whether you prefer quiet, want to keep a headache at bay, or you need to concentrate on some work-related projects, some headphones can provide the simplest stress relief. Allow us to suggest downloading some light jazz or classical music to your phone or iPod to listen to on your flight or in your car service. It helps you relax, and it eases your mind.



Perhaps you’ve heard the term “Hangry” in passing. If you’re not sure what it means, it’s a combination of hunger and angry. It’s the trendy term people use to describe the feeling of sheer angry and upset they feel when they’re hungry. Hanger is real for many people, but it’s quickly alleviated when you stop for a quick snack. This is why we recommend you always keep a snack on you when traveling. A granola bar, some mixed nuts, some fruit, or anything that makes you feel good when you’re hungry is all you need. Just keep it in your bag so you can grab a snack when you start to feel the irritation from not eating while on the road.

Our St Louis car service employs only the most experienced and trained chauffeurs, which means we know how to help our clients in more ways than one. There are a million things you can do to relax and stay stress-free while traveling, but we’ve come to learn these are some of the most important. Dehydration, noise, and hunger are three of the quickest ways to ensure you have a difficult road ahead while traveling, which is why we do our best to help you avoid all three while away from home.

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