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Travel Tips: Need Peace and Quiet at the Airport ? Here’s our Secret!

Posted on: August 19th, 2015 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

limo service st louisAlthough airports are part of the travel experience, they are usually loud and congested. Especially when flying into large cities, international airports are simply not conducive to peace and quiet. To make the travel experience better, most airports have made significant changes. For instance, many airports have added executive lounges, mobile device charging stations, Wi-Fi hot spots, and more. However, when it comes to noise, these modifications make no difference.

If you travel often on business, you know just how hard it is to find a place where you can focus on work. After all, there is usually a lot of downtime when flying that could be used to review documents, create contracts, write web content, and more. The challenge is finding a place that is quiet enough so you can be productive. Although the executive lounge is better than sitting in the terminal, there is seldom an area without noise.

Best Kept Secret

Interestingly, there is one place in most airport terminals that is often overlooked. In fact, business travelers who are aware of this place refer to it as a “best kept secret”. The airport chapel is always quiet. Rarely do people spend time in the chapel and when they do, they come and go quickly. It is also common for the airport chapel to be isolated, which makes it even more peaceful.

Even without having pressing work to get done, the airport chapel offers the perfect retreat after a stressful day. Especially if you have a long flight delay or cancelled flight, this is the place to go that others will not even consider when needing a safe, quiet place to sleep. Of course as a bonus, services are typically held in airport chapels so you have the opportunity to enjoy a nice but short sermon and perhaps some relaxing gospel music.

The location of the airport chapel will be different for every airport but usually, there is one behind and/or prior to going through security. As an example, the chapel at the airport in Rio de Janeiro is located outside of security but on the second floor of the terminal for added safety. In addition, this chapel has nice cushioned pews and within a short walking distance is a great food court. For information on chapels for airports that you regularly visit, you can conduct an online search.

Special Bonus

As a bonus, you might consider hiring a limo service the next time you fly out of town. Just imagine, the chauffeur will get you to the airport on time, you can then relax or conduct work in the chapel, and upon arrival at your destination, get to your hotel via limousine feeling completely stress-free. We hope you enjoyed our best travel tips for getting some peace and quiet on the road!

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